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Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat
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Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat

The fastest way to lose belly fat is a combination of exercise and nutrition. But how fast that is depends on your metabolism as you take nutritional and exercise measures. Having said that, there could be hormonal factors that raise their complicated heads. You may not get too far with belly fat reduction if you have a hormonal issue. Proper nutrition may resolve a hormonal problem but you may need medical help.


They say that you should see a physician if you are going into a diet regiment. Because I have health issues my doctor often sends me to a nutritionist or dietician. There may be a difference between a nutritionist and a dietician. I think if you are one, you are the other. But healthy individuals probably can use common sense and take personal action to resolve a belly fat or other weight problem.

There are other sources of medical help than physicians. I am a senior citizen of age eighty years. I can pick up the telephone and call AARP and get an immediate consultation with a nurse. Have I tried that? No, but I could if I needed to. Also, there are doctors and there are doctors. Many M.D.s are not much on nutrition. Others are.

My podiatrist is an expert on nutrition. He is very proud of me for resolving my Type II Diabetes issues by eliminating fat. But he also sent me to a health food store for a bottle of magic that resolved my neuropathy problems.

Doctors are quick to give out a prescription for dietary problems. My podiatrist said why buy a prescription when a less expensive and more natural solution is at hand? I agree.

I have a family of medical people but my son, who is a veterinarian who uses herb in his practice and who with his wife spend a good deal of time studying nutrition, is the expert. My two sons and son-in-law who are physicians or surgeons are not what I would call nutritionist. My daughter who is an RN is not either. But some of my granddaughters have a great interest in nutrition and tell me what and what not to eat.

So, I’m saying that you may have friends or associates that you trust that may be able to give you a lesson in nutrition. But why not spend about seventy bucks for an hour with the dietician or nutritionist with your local hospital? They might have an economical series of lessons to give you a hand too and it could be free. Just call your local hospital and ask.

Is That a Wedding Coming Up?

I can understand why a person might want to know the fastest way to lose belly fat. There may be a special event coming up that requires it. A wedding would be a good reason. But maybe a guy or gal just wants to be able to get into clothing that use to fit but now is a bit tight. To them I suggest that they decide to slow down on the chow, cut out dairy that contains fat, lay of processed foods like T.V. dinners and other foods that come in a box, eat lots of leafy vegetables and lay off the starchy ones, lay off white grains and rice like white flour and white rice, eat fruits to some extend and some nuts. I go to a supermarket in Twin Falls, Idaho and fill bags with healthy grains and legumes. I buy whole wheat spaghetti which you can get about any where.

A Little Black Book

You should get one of those little books that tell you how many carbs a food contains and you should grab a small notebook to put in your pocket or purse to record each food you eat. It will make you realize how much and what you are eating.

Stay Out of That Fast Food Joint!

Here is a killer: Stay out of fast food joints or at least ask for there list of products with calorie count. By a hamburger but leave off the cheese if you crave one. I say to stay of of dairy unless it is fat free. I don't even eat skim milk anymore. I drink unadulterated almond milk.

Hup, Two, Three, Four!

You will need some exercise. I suggest that you walk at least three times a week, maybe more. Walk briskly for at least 20 minutes. Take a radio with you to break the bordom or listen to an inspirational tape.

You will need to perform some belly fat specific exercises. You can find these at Web MD and other Internet sites or talk it over with a trainer or gym instructor at the local school or college or at a local gymnasium. Sparing like a boxer is good.

A Multi-pronged Approach

To lose belly fat quickly you can see you need a multi-pronged approach. You need to gain knowledge, get your food intake in order and to do general and specific exercises to get your metabolism hopping. Just don’t over do it, especially with exercise. Don’t do twenty situps if you have never done them before or recently. That is why you want to discuss this with a local trainer.

All About My Wife

My wife is old now and has ALZ and she had a weight problems over the years. One time she lost about 130 pounds and became a Weight Watchers instructor. She had a goal which was to get back into her wedding dress. So she did this 20 years after our wedding and I took her picture with four of our kids.

But she put the weight back on, more than evet. Finally she learned how to control her weight. It was simply to go almost vegetarian, eating meat only on one day a week. She ate vegetbles one day, fruits the next, and both on meat day. She had a special vegetabl soup she made in a big pot which was tomato based with celery and such in it. She was allowed to eat that anytime at all.

Eventually she learned to eat in moderation and not at night. We eat two meals a day now, the last between two and four in the afternoon. That works for her. Even though she has ALZ, she will not let me overfeed her.

A Little Snack Now and Then

I snack on celery with a little peanut butter and such at night but not my wife. She does get her daily ice cream cone.

Protect Those Vital Organs

Losing body and belly fat is a good idea, especially the fat you can’t see that tends to surround your vital organs secreting toxins that block organs from functioning properly. An example is fat cells blocking the insulin-producing C-cells in the pancreas causing Type II Diabetes.

Nutrition is so important. You are what you eat. It is the main key to reducing belly fat quickly.

Well, let’s get hopping! Is that a jump rope hanging there?


Note: Pic are flowers my wife's caretaker planted for her to enjoy.

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