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Foods have a definite impact on our health. I feel that the way in which we eat will depend a lot of the time on any disease process that may come about in later years, such as diabetes or heart disease. I have seen and heard so much about what we are putting into our bodies that cause health problems later in life. Most of the time we can neither feel or see the damage until it has been done and we have gone too far. For example, one of my first articles mentions that when one of our children was five he had been suffering from severe side effects of something unknown. It was not until the doctor did a hair anaysis and discovered that our child had been consuming at least 14 teaspoons of sugar a day and over 15,000 mg of soduim a day. He received the diagnosis of hypoglycemia. The symptoms of illness were apparent but not until the doctor did testing and studied on this did he find the problem. The damage from too much sugar and salt were creating a disease process that could have gotten much worse had we not corrected it.

If you feel that you are making a good attempt at feeding your children correctly then how do you make it any better? I was feeding healthy foods and all food groups to my family. I had rid my kitchen of all the 'white' stuff, so how could this happen? No he was not eating candy bars and sweet snacks on the side. If he did, it would make him sick for reasons unknown to me so he just would not do it. Fast food and canned fruits and vegetables were the main problem according to his doctor. Do many of you, (us included), really care what we are eating? If we can't see the damage we are doing to our bodies or feel any differently then why should we worry. If you are one of these people, then nothing anyone says or does can change your mind to start improving your eating style, directed towards serving more nutritious foods to you and your children.

In my personal opinion and from my many years of nursing, some of the things that could do harm to us in the long run is too much salt, sugar, saturated fats, fried foods, preseratives and food colorings.

I worked in a hospital part of my career, and while on duty one day the parents brought their 4 year old son to us with severe hives. He was miserable. His only allergy was to asprin, and no food allergies. It took the parents a long time to help the doctor and I try to figure out what this child had come in contact with. It was Easter and the parents told the doctor that the only thing different he had eaten was some yellow marshmallow chicks out of his Easter basket. The doctor did some research and found that the yellow food dye in the chicks had the same chemical make up as aspirin. WHO would have guessed?

There are alot of hidden ingredients in the foods we eat and prepare and we just have be more informed and read those labels on our foods before we buy them. We also have to understand what we are reading and what the additives and preseratives mean.

Society is being bombarded with all kinds of health problems. I have to wonder if it is the way we eat.: (Diabetes), type I an II. (by the time you reach type II you have gone too far and now need daily insulin.( Hypoglycemia), is one step before getting diabetes, and this is a concern of our own doctor for my family. When I compared many of my past patients and some of their diagnosis such as, Cancer, Anemia, kidney problems, stroke, heart attack, clogged arteries, migraine headaches, brittle bones, put together with their diets I had to wonder if there was a connection. In my opinion there is. Why would we want to take this chance?

I hope that you will make a decision along with us to eat healthier and find a good exercise program and become more informed. Our children learn by example. It will be worth it in the long run.

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