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Before you buy any type of popular herb in the health-food stores, you must understand its components and preparation to give best results. As a diabetic, you are more concerned on normalizing your blood sugar more than anything else. The good news is that studies suggest that ginseng - the red herb - could regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics!

Researchers from the University of Toronto have explained that ginseng could be the way to go even among doctors in managing of the chronic diabetes type 2. The study showed that diabetes type 2 patients who consumed ginseng showed a significant reduction in their blood sugar levels. The red herb has shown positive effect that other doctors suggest it complementary use with conventional medication. It also heightens moods and reduces body weight in diabetic patients

So, what is ginseng?

This is a herb that has been popular among the Chinese for hundreds of years. There is also an American version of ginseng that works the same way. Ginseng improves insulin sensitivity in the body. Diabetes type 2 patients have non-responsiveness of body tissues to insulin. This means that insulin in the body does not process properly. Ginseng herb comes to help in the better processing of the insulin in diabetic patients.

Is it the solution?

Diabetes affects about eight percent of the population. The ginseng herb can do wonders as it could reduce these numbers if only both diabetics and non-diabetics include it in their diet. All studies conducted by experts are encouraging, the more reason that you should start taking ginseng doses whether you are diabetic or not. Experts have found out that it has diabetes prevention elements that will help even those who have not yet developed diabetes.


The only trick for ginseng to work is timing. Studies have shown that better results are when one takes ginseng before meals than when taken together with meals. It is important that you take ginseng at the right time as advised by your herbalist.

Encouraging trend

The herbal industry is growing tremendously. Many Americans now opt for herbal medicine, a world-wide trend today. People have realized of how helpful herbal products are in preventing diseases and the maintaining of different conditions. Ginseng is one of these herbs used by the Chinese for centuries. Its curative, preventive and restorative properties have seen the world embrace its use.

Why not you?

If controlling your blood sugars is your main aim, do not hesitate to consider ginseng in your diet. Please note that it is always advisable to consult your dietician before introducing anything new in your diet.

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