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Healthy Living Tips - Five Ways To Achieve A Better You!
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Healthy Living Tips  -  Five Ways to Achieve A Better You!

So how are those fitness resolutions you made weeks ago progressing? Have you created some new habits that have now started to show results? Franz hopes you have! But after the initial excitement of a new healthy lifestyle wears off, how can you stay motivated to stay the course for the whole year? What if you suddenly backslide, or fall off the wagon, and go on an eating binge? What if you suddenly get lazy? It happens! But if you follow these healthy living tips, Franz can help you avoid disaster. So, here's what you can do!

Healthy Living Tips #1

Don't try and achieve perfect health all at once. If you have been living a fairly sedentary lifestyle and eating poorly, making drastic changes from that to a busy fitness routine and a clean eating diet will spell failure in a very short time. Changes in habits have to be made slowly for the best chance of success! Adopt new habits a few at a time. Once you have those mastered add a few more.

When the New Year starts, and people resolve to get fit, the mistake they make is changing everything at once. Some people can do it. Franz did, but it was difficult and I almost gave up. Having been through that so many years ago I now advise people to take it a bit slower to see long term success. For some people it's easier to master a new eating plan before adding exercise to the mix. Once they have figured out how to eat healthfully, have lost a few pounds, and are feeling better, exercise then becomes the next natural phase of the process towards getting healthy.

So, create one or two small goals to get healthier and stick with them for a week or two. Once they are automatic for you, add a few more. For example, try drinking half your body weight, converted to ounces, of water each day as your first goal. For the second goal, stop late night snacking. Do that successfully for a few weeks and then add two more.

Healthy Living Tips #2

Don't be subconsciously negative about your weight loss and healthy eating goals. It's easy to start out wanting to get healthy but it's also easy to let your self talk convince you that you will never succeed. You know what I mean! You look in the mirror and say I'll never lose this weight. It's taking to long. I never succeed at weight loss, etc. Don't self talk your way to failure. Tell yourself how wonderful you are going to look and feel as you continue to adopt new healthy habits!

Healthy Living Tips #3

Resolve yourself to that fact that what you are doing is not a short term diet. It's a lifestyle change. It is one you made for your better health and well being. It is not some pills, powders, or potion for a quick weight loss fix. It is about making healthy food and exercise choices for the rest of your life. If you want the best health you can have then this is what it is going to take. Again, a few small health goals at a time, and more goals added regularly, will lead to the results you desire.

Healthy Living Tips #4

If along the way you mess up and make a poor meal choice, or skip an exercise day, don't beat yourself up over it. Just get right back to eating properly and exercising according to your plan. Mistakes will happen and the best way to deal with them is to move on and get right back into your healthy habits. In the eating regimen Franz recommends he gives his clients a cheat day once a week to indulge themselves. It helps them get through the week knowing there is a reward at the end.

Healthy Living Tips #5

Be consistent in your efforts to achieve better health! Be realistic with yourself. Choose manageable weight loss and exercise goals and stick with them. Do them till they are a natural part of your day and then add more. Just keep at it and you will succeed! Eat healthy food, get your exercise in each day, and stay positive. Before you know it these healthy living tips will be as natural as breathing!

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