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Healthy Weight Loss For Your Wedding
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There has been an epidemic if not a pandemic of interest in weight loss in the last decade or two. This was spearheaded by models who have to be as thin as can be. Anorexia became popular among young females. Girls would purposely starve themselves to loose weight. Others would force themselves to throw-up everything they ate before a fashion show. Weight loss seemed to grip the society to extremes.

What they forgot was healthy weight loss.

The Beauty of Weight Loss

There is a certain innate beauty in weight loss that everybody both men and women are looking for. This is not to say that big or fat people are not beautiful. Some people like the plus size people. In fact even modeling has gotten away from thin and now include the plus size models. Yet the majority of the people want to loose weight. Apart from the health benefits of weight loss which we will talk about in the next paragraph, it is cheaper to be thin. What are the other benefits of being thin? Is it that you spend less money on you in terms of food and clothing?

The Wedding Day

The wedding day seems to be the 50th percentile or the mid point of every human life. Because soon after that one starts to have children and the rest of life is now spent looking after those children. So on the wedding day everybody wants to appear in or at their best form. There is this false believe that

wedding gowns look better on thin women. Is this why a lot of women want to loose weight for their wedding day? Apart from that, this is the one day, other than buying a home, or a car, that you will spend the most money. To add to that you will invite all your friends and associates to come and see you.

Healthy Tips for Weight Loss

  • Drink a glass or half a bottle of water before every meal

  • Eat lightly only to stop hunger and do not eat unless you are hungry

  • Stay away from sugar and sugar substitutes. A better natural substitute would be Manuka honey or molasses in small quantities.

  • Stay away from meat. It forms acidic environment where disease thrives. Eat fish and chicken.

  • Eat diets made up of plenty of vegetables and juice, whole grains, nuts, seed and fruits

  • Avoid tea, chocolate, and coffee. A better alternative is Green tea.

  • Avoid Distilled water. Drink purified or filtered water

  • Practice Breathnotherapy not anorexia

What I Have Been Talking About

Since we all know that our wedding day is one of the most important days of our lives, we want to loose weight and look good but most of all we want to be healthy. Without health we will not be able to entertain our guests or do anything. The beauty of weight loss is to be healthy especially on our wedding day, so incorporate these health tips in your weight loss program.

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