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Hepathitis C
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The hepatitis C is a viral infection disease transmissible by the blood and caused by the virus of hepatitis C knwon as VHC.

The hepatis virus c attacks the liver and creates into it many disorders about its functional abilities to transform food in stored food energy and chemical elements needed for keeping working life body's physiology.

The infection is characterised through an inflammation of the liver which is often asymptomatique,but could frequently evoluate to severe and critic cases like the chronic hepatitis and could progress more to the cirrhos and liver cancer.

The hepatitis C is transmited through the blood contact from an infected body to another which is safe.

There are no symptoms or signs of the VHC,but symptoms of infection could be controlled through medical process,but also the signs of VHC contamination could be also invisible in a group of people, being their bodies administred with long term preventive viral infection.

In this category of patients, the virus could be logded in body for several years at latent state,

The safe bear of VHC shows any symptoms and do not know that is infected ,but unfortunately he could transmit the virus to another person via several ways like blood transfusion in hospitals and other heath centers and also from the injuried body whom its infected blood could be transmitted to other safe blood closer to him.

So the importance that should be preconised to make a process blood screening before using the infected blood in surgical operations and evoiding and stopping the multiplication in the infection and at ultimately stade reducing its negative developments to extremely critic cases like cirrhos and liver cancer.

The best treatments to stabilize the disease is to opt for a strict diet health body based on the consumation of fruits and vegetables and evoiding foods containing salts, iron elements and sodium.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti oxydants nutritients to protect cells to damage and are source of protein which often lacking in VHC patients.

The inflammation of liver lead to swelling and water retention, salty foods containing sodium and iron components encourage the body to retain water.

Diet with the last cited elements increase the disease far more worse.

Also the abusing of alcoohol drinking not recommended for hepatitis C which prevents the decomposition of alcoohol components and removing it in toxins which lead to the progression of the disease and the affected body will be vulneravle to the risk that the infetion could be developed towards the liver cancer

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Good article, Kenana! I have gone through the very same thing--my VHC turned to Liver cancer several years ago. But I was lucky--I got a liver transplant before it killed me. Now I still get to watch my kids grow-up and spend time with my wonderful wife--the Westchester Medical Center has a great record as 'the' place for both Liver and Kidney transplants. But it is hard not to feel bad about someone else's dying being the thing that saved my life. I spend a lot of my time these days just sitting and thinking--life is so much more wonderful now I've lost it (for a few minutes during the transplant--It was a really close call) and had it handed back to me... I noticed you left out the usual treatment, Interferon, which is so new, it wasn't covered by insurance back when I was first diagnosed--I went without treatment for a decade before they finally recognized VHC as a specific disease and pegolated-Interferon as the effective treatment.

  about 1 decade ago
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