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Herbal Medicine - How To Cure A Cold With Home Remedies
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There is no official way to cure a cold, since it's a virus. However, there are ways to avoid it, and on more than one occasion the following remedies have helped cure common colds for myself, friends, and family members.

Preventing Is Better Than Curing

You can prevent diseases in a very simple way: wash your hands.

I don't know about you, but one of the memories I have of my grandmother is her words, every time we came home after shopping or just strolling around in the city: "wash your hands". She would say the same, before we sat down at the table to eat.

You can catch a cold or many other illnesses by touching your mouth, nose or eyes, after having touched something that contained virus or bacteria.

Make it a good habit always to wash your hands, when you come home, before cooking, after toilet visits, after meeting people and shaking hands, and before dinner.

What To Do If You Have Caught A Cold

Should you catch a cold, regardless of the above precautions, you should act as fast as possible.

Seven years ago, when I noticed the first signs of a cold - running nose, sneezes, sore throat, eyes that hurt, headache - I drank the following hot brew. I've not had a cold since.

Take a nip of salvia (sage) leaves, and let it infuse in hot, boiled milk for five minutes.

Remove the leaves, and drink the milk.

This beverage can also be taken daily during the winter to prevent a cold.

Get Air And Relief

One of the effects of a common cold is the difficulty in breathing through the nose. You can ease up your breathing again, and help get rid of the cold, by preparing a steam bath for your nose and sinuses.

Herbal medicine should in this case be taken in by inhalation. You can either boil water, put in the herbs, pour it into a bowl, and hover your face over it, with a towel over your head, so you can inhale the well bringing steams. Or you can purchase a facial sauna system, which is a machine that will make it easy for you to inhale steam. You pour in water in a little receiver, add herbs and oils, start the machine. The water will quickly start boiling, and you can now use the contoured plastic hood as a cradle for your face. You'll receive warm moist air directly into your nose.

When I prepare a face steam bath like that for friends who have a cold, I add salt, pepper (no, it will not make them sneeze), peppermint, and eucalyptus. You can use either oil, or fresh or dried herbs. This might not cure a cold as fast as the milk and salvia, but it will make you able to breathe again.

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