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Herbal Medicine - What Can You Use Herbs For?
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While you're sipping a hot cup of tea, you're probably not considering that right now you're using herbs. However, that is the case. Whether you drink your tea for pure pleasure or for better health you are using herbal medicine, and that nice beverage of yours could have a positive influence on your well being.

Herbs can be used to spice your food as well as giving you a better health.

You can use herbs in many ways, and the mildest form is the infusions. When you make a cup of tea, you are infusing tea leaves. For health reasons, you could use other herbs, for instance camomile, and it doesn't have to be leaves. You can prepare infusions with roots or barks as well, and you can even use dried flowers or seeds.

If you use plants for medical or therapeutic reasons, you should find as much information about the herbs as possible.

Nobody doubts that if you take some kind of pharmaceutical produced medicine, there will be side-effects. Well, since herbal medicine works, too, not only should you make sure that you don't take too large a dose. You should also check if certain herbs and medical drugs can be used together.

That being said, you can use herbs for all kinds of minor health problems as well as growing your well-being and balance.

Use herbs in infusions for health reasons or for pleasure.

Put herbs in your bath-tub to relax, to get more energy, to smell better, or again as herbal medicine to solve minor health related problems.

Use drops of herb oils blended with almond oil to cure a head ache, to feel better, or to cure other health issues. You can put a couple of drops in your bath water, before sliding into the water. It will provide you with a softer skin as well as relaxation or more energy, depending on the herb you choose.

Herbal medicine is not just used internal. You can also use herbs on wounds or skin issues, if you prepare them the right way first. In that case you'll probably want to use the herbs either as a salve, a poultrice, a compress, or simply as an oil.

Put herbs in your food. Certain herbs will stimulate your appetite, or your libido. Others will help your digestion. Herbs like cinnamon have a whole register of effects, spanning from easing pain from rheumatism and arthritis to help against nausea and prevent influenza.

As you can see, herbs can be used both internally and externally, and for pleasure as well as more serious business in the form of herbal medicine.

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