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How Excessive Stress Can Take You Out
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In order to understand the word stress and how it can take you out, I will attempt to draw a clear and simple picture of how Mr. Stress works. Did I say Mr. Stress? I guess I did, however I must change the word Mr. to Ms, so no one will be offended. That is a simple example of stress. The inability to make a firm decision and stick to it. We must understand that it is impossible to journey through life without offending someone. I challenge you to do some of your favorite things in life, just to see if everyone agrees with you. Simply put, since no matter what you do, someone will find fault, tilt the scales in your favor.

I am in no way implying that one should be overly selfish. However, I am implying that in order to properly function in an ever-changing society, we cannot allow ourselves to be bogged down in indecisiveness. Make a decision and move on.

Establish a code of conduct, and do not allow yourself to be stressed out if you fail to adhere to your code. Just invent one so your mind can have an instant reference point. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a state of confusion every time someone asks something of you. Learn to be fast on your feet, because it is human nature for man to be competitive.

At this time, I will define stress as I see it. I could go to the dictionary and extract a definition, but I would rather bring it much closer to home. Stress is asking your body to perform a task or mission that your mind perceives to be undoable. An instant struggle with the mind and body begins. When this occurs, other parts of your body and mind are being neglected, causing said parts to malfunction. When the body and mind are in a conflict, the heart, lungs, liver and all other vital parts are not receiving the attention they need to properly function. Subsequently, you will be taken out due to the failure of one or more organs.

Enumerated below are just a few examples of how you can reduce stress related situations. I realize not all of life’s stresses can be eliminated, especially, when we have a job and the boss is difficult to work with. When an employee is supporting a family, it would not be wise to challenge the boss so you can be stress free. The loss of your job will only add additional stress. Sometimes in life, it is necessary to take one for the team (family). You recognize and realize the stresses of the job are literally killing you, but you bite your tongue and endure the mental pain.

1. Establish a code of conduct and try to stick to it.

2. Learn how to use and say the word no.

3. Do not attempt to do brain surgery if you are not trained in that area.

4. Learn to make decisions, even if you must apologize later.

5. Do not attempt to live beyond your means.

6. Tell the Jones’ you admire their new car and leave it at that.

7. Unless it is a life or death situation, learn to tell the truth.

8. Learn how to do self-evaluations.

9. Learn how to breathe properly.

10. It is sometimes difficult to turn off the brain, but find ways to relax.

1l. Do not abuse drugs or any medications.

12. Exercise.

13. Pray.

14. Get the appropriate amount of sleep.

15. You give your very best and the mission fails, learn to walk away.

16. Learn to adjust and accept the situation at hand for what it is.

17. Don’t waste your time being critical of others, more focus on self.

I hope this is helpful. Matter of fact, I am going to adhere to some of the suggestions. It is easy to write things on paper, but much harder to actually put them into practice.

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