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How Many Calories Are In A Pound Of Fat
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A lot of people who want to lose weight or be on a diet talk about calories without actually having a clear understanding of the word. This article is written to clarify the true meaning of the word calories, so that we can put it into perspective. Most people tend to combine calories with food, but it is actually a unit of energy or heat. In the laboratory, one calorie is the amount of heat that will raise the temperature of one gram of water to 1 degree Celsius. In food, when we talk about one calorie, we mean one kilo calorie. One pound of fat contains about 3,500 calories.

Why Do We Need Calories

This is the same question like asking why do we need food? If calorie is a unit of energy or heat, that means we eat food to give us energy. We need energy for everything we do. For play, learning, walking, running etc. The calories in food is converted to energy and the energy is used up in our daily activities.

If this was so everything would have been good and dandy. The problem is that the body has a way of wanting to preserve itself, so it does not use up all the calories it gets from the food we eat. It stores some in the form of fat which accumulates into pounds.

How to Control What the Body Stores

The most difficult task that we have is being able to count the calories of everything we eat. For example, do you know that when you drink a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, that you have just taken in 60 calories? Or that when you eat a handful of dry roasted peanuts, that you have taken in 425 calories? So a very important point here is that we must eat our meals regularly, i. e. at the same times everyday. When the body perceives that there is no want or starvation, it will not store much. Haven;t you heard that self preservation is the first order of heaven?

Watching The Calories

If you want to watch your weight, you must watch your caloric intake because every 3500 calories will turn into one pound of fat. Each pound of fat adds up to make us overweight. I hope with this knowledge of how many calories are in one pound of body fat, we can manage our overall weight by watching what we eat and how much we eat

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