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How Online Brain Games Can Help You
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Hi everyone! Today I'd like to talk to you about something that is really important to me and probably to a lot of people too: Brain health. Almost everybody heard about studies or research that shows that the brain is like a muscle and in order for it to work well (and improve its capacity), the brain needs some kind of work or exercise.

There is a lot of brain fonction that I'd like to keep or improve as I grow old. The first that comes to mind is memory. I sometimes forget simple things like where I put my keys or what was the name of that restaurant where we ate last friday night, i'm sure it happened to you too from time to time. Playing online brain games can be very fun and help your memory.

I love playing a lot of fast sports like football, basketball, tennis, etc. Those sports and many other sports require tons quick reactions and quick decisions. Do you throw the ball to receiver A or receiver B. Do you try a 3-pointer or pass the ball to the open center in the paint. Your quick decision making can be greatly improved by regular mental workouts.

I'm sure some of you are like me, creativity and imagination are parts of my brain that I don't use a lot. At work I've been told many times over the years: "we don't pay you for your ideas, we pay you to do what your told". So after that I think, I almost shut down shut creativity. But everyone knows that you just need one great idea to start your own business and stick it to the man! lol! And guess what there are online brain games to help me ( and you) with improving your creativity and imagination.

As for the studies and research that I mentionned in the beginning, they don't agree on the when or why our brain capacity starts decreasing. But they all agree on one thing: we need to challenge and workout our brains regularly to keep it fit and improving its fonction.

Of course physical activity is great for the brain and is essential for the body. But a very good way to maintain and improve our brain is to play online brain games. Games that can help in areas of our brain like memory, quick decision making, creativity and many more. I hope you all try to improve your mental fitness. I know I will...

Thank you

Peter Stark

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