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How To Develop A Better Lower Body – Slim Thighs, Flat Belly,
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Here’s four little known secrets for developing a better lower body (including getting a flat belly, slim thighs, and a firm butt).

If you want a lower body that you can be proud of, but have been unable to develop the look and tightness that you want, then follow these three little known tips for getting there quickly and easily.

Develop A Better Lower Body

Lower Body Tip #1: Add a can of tuna to your daily diet. A can of tuna only has 70 calories, but delivers 16 grams of protein. Eating a can of tuna everyday will help to support the muscle building power of your exercise program, will increase your metabolism, and will help you to reach the 1g of protein per pound of desired body weight that you should be eating every day.

Lower Body Tip #2: Do flour deadlifts. More than likely you already have a bag of flour (or bucket of it) at the house. Flour has good weight to it, so every morning while you are waiting for the coffee to brew, the iron to heat up, or the kids to finish eating breakfast, start doing deadlifts with the bucket of flour. Deadlifts will develop lean muscle in your butt, lower back, and behind your legs. Do this four times per week. Go for time and not repetitions. Do them for 1 minute at a time and do 2-3 sets at every workout.

Lower Body Tip #3: Use a mini rebounder 20 minutes a day every day. A rebounder is just another word for trampoline. Except these rebounders are little and made for the in the house. Rebounder workouts are great because they help to reset or balance your hormones while at the same time helping you to get in a low stress lower body workout.

Lower Body Tip #4: Do at least 120 crunches throughout the day. You can do them all at once, or break it up. Do 2 sets of 20 now, then another set later, and three more sets of 20 before you go to bed. The idea is that whenever you have a chance you do a set of 20 crunches you do them, and keep doing this until you reach 120 for the day. Once this becomes easy, increase the amount that you are doing for the day.

Now that you know these four little known tips for developing a better lower body (which you can use to get rid of cellulite fast), you can finally have that butt, flat tummy, and slim thighs that you have been wanting. Just stay consistent with following these tips and you will be the sexier you have been wanting. Feel free to add more to this better lower body plan or make adjustment to get rid of leg cellulite.

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