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How To Eat For Six Pack Abs
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How to Eat for Six Pack Abs

Eating for six pack abs is really quite simple. You just need to be ever-mindful that you never slip up and take a step backwards. This can be very frustrating and lead you to screw up even farther out of lethargy. Always be moving forwards especially if you have just taken a step backwards. This is a marathon and slow and methodical wins the race. This is no different than the tortoise and the hare except this time around the hare gets tired after taking a few hops and quits. The tortoise never quits, he just keeps on plugging along.

You need to eat your green veggies. Green vegetables are loaded with vital nutrients and minerals that will allow your body to run at optimal performance. Multivitamins do work but can not be compared to a natural source. You will notice the difference in how you feel and how you recover as soon as you switch to eating green vegetables every day. Cooking is as simple as throwing them in a pot of boiling water. Cook them on high until they soften up slightly and they are ready to eat!

Eggs are your friend. They are loaded with nutrients to give a young chick it`s first couple days of life. It only stands to reason that they are very nutritionally valuable. They have all the protein, saturated fat, and biotin you could ever need among other things. There are many, many ways to prepare eggs including scrambled, fried, hard boiled, and raw. Be careful to avoid the shell when eating raw eggs as it is the most likely part to be carrying harmful diseases.

To mix things up just a bit, there are many simple meat products to eat like jerky, bacon, and steak that offer a ton of protein. While I am no master at cooking, generally you should able eat bacon or steak when it starts to dry out. There are also a lot of people who eat steaks raw with seemingly no ill effects. Eating raw meat burns a lot of calories to process as apposed to eating cooked. It also might be worth it if you have the money because the meat is a lot heavier in general nutritional elements when uncooked.

There are a lot of common food items you should be avoiding. Bread is a big one. Gluten, found in wheat products, will cause you to become bloated and generally unwell.

Follow these guidelines and you will have a great plan! Six pack abs will be yours!

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