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How To Get A Six Pack Of Abs!
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How to Get A Six Pack Of Abs!

Abdominal muscles are some of the most impressive looking on the entire human body. Their complexity and appearance make them a favourite goal for all sorts of fitness enthusiasts. To know how to get a six pack of abs, you must learn how to build up any muscle. Abdominals are just another muscle as far as your body is concerned, afterall!

The first thing we will be looking at is intensity. You need to push your body to the limits of intensity, not endurance if you expect your body to grow. You can build up a resistance to lactic acid with endurance training but unless you train with intensity, you simply will not see any significant gains in muscle size. Always train using exercises you find difficult. Also, the results are dependent on your effort on every single rep and set. If you want the best results, go the the gym prepared for war!

Next, frequency is a big issue with a lot of people. Once again, six pack abs are like any muscle- they need a break between workouts. The harder you push yourself, the longer break you will need. You will find that as you progress, you will be pushing yourself harder and thus need longer and longer breaks to recover and grow. This process can be greatly aided with a proper diet for muscle gain, but in the end you still have to take days off.

Exercise choice can make the difference between results and wasting your time. Always pick the exercises that work for you. An easy way to tell is to wait until after your workout and see if you feel DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness) in the part of your abs that you were targeting with a particular exercise. If you feel it, you can rest assured that that particular exercise is hitting your abs hard!

Forget this 60 second break stuff. You can take anywhere between 10 seconds to 5 minutes between sets if you deem it necessary. You will know if your breaks are too long if you muscle no longer feels primed and warmed up. You will know if you are going too fast when your performance declines dramatically with every set. As a general rule of thumb, your upper abs like shorter breaks while your lower abs like more time off.

Keep this stuff in mind with your every workout and you will meet with success!

Happy training!

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