The Fasticating Use Of the Feet
The foot is a structure made up of 33 joints and 26 bones and it is a complex formation at the end of the leg. It enables…
Use Baking Soda to Remove Your Acne And Acne
Baking Soda is a marvelous creation. It can be used in for so many different things - and it's very popular in cooking.…
Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism
Is your slow metabolism stopping you from your weight loss goals? Here's how you can change it. It's unfair, but a…
How to Get Rid Of Bowel Syndrome
What is Bowel Syndrome? Bowel syndrome is a disorder of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It could be caused by unhealthy…
Health Benefits Of Positive Thinking
The first time I was exposed to the concept of positive thinking I was 17 years old. Like any 17 year old, I had great…
Medicare Pays for Meditation, Yoga And Other
Heart patients who receive Medicare are now finding that they have a whole new program that can keep them healthier…
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Cellulite Dimples? Easy Body Toning Workout Plan Guaranteed to Remove Cellulite Dimples Fast!
Cellulite dimples can appear out of no-where, and can affect just about any part of your body. The most common problem area's for cellulite formation is the legs, thighs, buttocks, arms, and stomach. What causes cellulite dimples? An accumulation of fat that has built up over time, resting underneath the…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Exercise   Apr 03, 2011  
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How To Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating
Do you suffer from excessive underarm sweating and am sick and tired of all the wet marks on your blouse and shirts? Would you like to know how to stop excessive underarm sweating once and for all? Then read on to learn how to use some simple techniques to help…
By:  in  Health and Fitness   Sep 06, 2011  
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Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast
Nowadays everyone wants to lose weight fast. It's understandable that with all the "magic pills" out there, people tend to think that they can lose lots of weight in a week or so. Even though that's not impossible at all, most people fail because marketers make them believe in false…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Weight Loss   Mar 08, 2011  
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How to Avoid Pain During Workout
Muscle pains are so hard to deal with after workouts. It is not felt initially upon the end of a workout session, but when you rest quickly or you shower and went straight to bed, come tomorrow morning and you’ll feel the stiffness of the body part you’ve worked out.…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Pain Management   Jun 06, 2011  
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This Morning Pelvic Floor Toners For Incontinence
A very interesting discussion took place today on the TV program This Morning about pelvic floor toners for incontinence. The recommended devices included the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer and the Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System. The discussion began by focusing on a young lady who had suffered from incontinence from…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Womens Issues   May 04, 2011  
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The Benefits Of Facial Exercise
In this modern world we live in, there are countless ways on how to look prettier and younger. Practices have sprouted here and there, so as with medications and innumerable techniques. A lot of people do not mind spending hundreds, and even thousands of dollars just to achieve that younger…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Exercise   Apr 05, 2011  
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1800 Calorie Diet Menu
Following an 1800 Calorie Diet Menu such as the one listed below is ideal for both men and most women. However, if you’re seeking to lose weight or even just maintain, you will need to do regular exercises in combination with this kind of menu plan. Losing weight must be…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Popular Diets   Apr 19, 2011  
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Lose Weight Running In The Morning
It is always going to be the way, people trying to lose a few pounds for health reasons or vanity, either way people will go to some extents to do this and some in a natural way through fitness or a good balanced diet, others through extreme unnecessary dieting that…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Weight Loss   May 12, 2011  
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Body Building for Skinny Guys
Looking to buff up, Skinny? Skinny guys are all the rage right now, with so much emphasis placed on slim and skinny fashion. But the truth is skinny guys look less healthy and less attractive as compared to a relatively well built guy, holding all other factors constant. If you’re…
By:  in  Health and Fitness   Jul 10, 2011  
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Detox Ourselves To A Healthier Life
Fast food has become the daily regimen of many people today due to hectic schedules or just trying to survive in this fast paced world. No longer do we have the quality time to spend preparing healthy meals for ourselves and our loved ones, fast foods restaurants are now the…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Detoxification   Aug 12, 2011  
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Jumping Rope Vs Running - Which is the Best for Cardio And Fat Loss Exercise?
"Jumping rope vs running": Which is the best cardio exercise? which is the best fat burning exercise? The never-ending battle, and it could be the title of the new colossal "Jumping rope vs running"!!! if you ask to 10 people if they prefer jumping rope or running five of them…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Exercise   Feb 21, 2011  
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Tips On How To Diet Multi Billion Dollar Scam
You probably think that dieting is the best way to lose weight right? I used to think that way too. The television and media are full of it. Magazines and chat shows are forever discussing the next miracle cure to our weight problems. They had me totally convinced for eighteen…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Weight Loss   Apr 20, 2011  
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Proactiv Skin Care Systems
Do you have a perfect complexion? If the answer is no, then you are one of many people who struggle with blemishes and acne. I have tried all sorts of skin care systems. When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with acne. I am now thirty three years…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Skin Care   Mar 20, 2011  
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Healthy Food Vs ‘health’ Food For Weight Loss
The diet and weight loss industry is big business. Every year, a fortune is spent on promoting and spinning newly discovered weight loss methods to a legion of attentive and gullible consumers. In the last ten years, the ‘health’ food division has absolutely exploded and it has seen the arrival…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Weight Loss   Jul 13, 2011  
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Intermittent Fasting Results - Weight Loss Made Simple
This plan is really simple and easy to follow. There are no counting calories or weighing your food. Who has the time or patience anyway? We are making things less complicated and that’s why this way of eating works for most of the people who try it. You can see…
By:  in  Health and Fitness   Jul 11, 2011  
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Cancer! The name itself causes panic. Various cancer research departments are now coming up with…

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