How To Grow 6 Inches Taller In Just 90 Days
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Open any magazine or watch any TV show, and you’ll see that the one thing every model or lead actor has in common besides being beautiful or handsome is that they are tall. Being tall has become a sort of beauty symbol. If you aren’t tall, you aren’t considered pretty enough, or handsome enough. This leads to many short people having low self-confidence because of their height. There are many short people who want to know how to grow taller so they can feel great about themselves.

Admittedly, height is a genetic trait. This means that if your parents are short, then the chances are that you will be short too. But you don't have to be discouraged by this fact. It is scientifically proven that a human being doesn’t reach his or her full height until their mid-twenties. So there is plenty of time for you to grow taller.

Factors That Affect Height:

Many external factors determine a person’s height beside genetics. Your surroundings can have a significant effect on your height and play a role in either stunting or boosting your growth. The most common factors that can harm your growth during your childhood or puberty are:

Exposure to smoke; the amount of cigarette smoke you are exposed to can have a very adverse effect on your height. Smoking during pregnancy can also harm your child's growth in the future.

Caffeine; Caffeine itself doesn't damage your growth. However, sleep is a vital factor in a person's growth, and caffeine consumption can hinder your sleep.

Childhood sickness; if you have been sick for most of your childhood or puberty, then it can have a grave effect on your height.

Steroids; steroids is a guaranteed way for you to stunt your growth. If you don’t want your height to be damaged, stay as far away from steroids as you can.

While there are many elements that are out of your control when it comes to determining your height, there are a lot of other things that you can do to enhance your chances of growing taller.

Ways to Grow Taller (In Days):

Many people are out there who believe that once a man reaches his full height, there's no way he can grow taller. But this is not true. There are many ways one can grow taller once they reach their full height. It can be done naturally, through supplements, or if you’re desperate enough, through surgery.

1.Growing Tall Naturally:

Growing up is first and foremost, a natural process. As stated before, a person keeps growing till his mid-twenties. Even if you don’t do anything to increase your height during this time-period, you will still grow naturally to reach your maximum height. But there are ways you can boost your height.

Some components that play a role in helping you grow are:

Sleep; your body produces HGH during deep sleep which is a growth hormone that helps you with growing tall.

Diet; your diet also plays a very important role in determining your height. Eating healthy, getting a lot of Vitamin D, loading up on calcium via dairy products, protein via meat and zinc via chocolate, asparagus, oysters, etc. also help in growth.

Exercise And Sports; another great way to grow taller is through exercise. There are many exercises which help you in growing taller. Swimming is an excellent way to grow tall as it uses up all of your body muscles. Playing basketball, jumping ropes, hanging exercises like hanging from a bar also help with growth.

Yoga; Yoga is another great way to increase height. There are many exercises that help a person grow taller. Stretching is an exceptional way to boost your height. Some yoga poses that help in growth are Surya Namaskara, Sukhasana, Chakrasana (Wheel Pose), Vriksasana (Tree Pose), The Cobra, Wall Stretch, Tadasana (The Mountain Pose) among many others.

Posture; a good posture can help you in growing taller. Slouching or hunched shoulders during childhood or puberty can affect the way your spine grows. A good posture requires you to stand straight, put your shoulders back and keep your head up.

2.Using Supplements:

Using supplements to increase your height is a risky business. There are many websites and companies online that offer growth supplements, but most of them are just scams. Many supplements have no scientific basis for their claim, and most of them are just a combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients like HGH (human growth hormones) that are good for the body. However, these supplements mostly only work during your puberty.

There are many adverse side effects to using growth supplements. They can cause heart problems, kidney and liver failure and many other problems. To make sure you are not harming your body, consult a doctor before trying any supplement. Also, make sure to read the ingredients carefully before deciding on using that supplement. Go for supplements that use 100% natural ingredients.

3.Height Lengthening Surgery:

The question one has to ask is how far are you willing to go to grow tall? Height lengthening surgery is a medical procedure where the doctor breaks your shin bones and inserts a telescopic rod between two pieces of bones. This rod is adjusted periodically to pull the bones apart and to let new tissue and bone build in the gap created. This gap amounts to 1mm per day which adds up to 1 inch per month.

Although surgery is a surefire way to increase your height, it is by far the most expensive, most painful and the riskiest. The chances of bone infection, poor bone healing, nerve and muscle damage are very high. There are many other side effects of leg lengthening surgery such as uneven growth, deformed legs, and highly sensitive bones. It is also a longer process due to its long-term recovery period.

Surgery should be the last resort when it comes to choosing how to grow taller. There are many other options you can try before taking such drastic measures.


All of the ways discussed above are bound to help you with your height, but one should realize that each and every person is beautiful in his or her own way, and there is nothing wrong with being short or tall. We should embrace each other just as we are.

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