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How To Look Younger: Easy Tips For Better Skin!
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How to Look Younger: Easy Tips for Better Skin!

Every one wants to have great looking skin! Look at the lengths the cosmetic companies go to promote their products to woman. Even men have their own line of skin care products. But even given all that, the real trick to how to look younger does not come in a cream, foam, or spray. It comes from regular health habits that should be practiced every day. You see, you can look younger than you are and you can reverse the aging process by avoiding the bad habits that make you look old. So, do you want to know how to look younger? Then please read on!

Tip number one on how to look younger is a simple one: get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is bad for you on so many levels! But for this discussion lets focus on younger looking skin. If you don't get the needed eight hours of sleep each night then your body is not able to go into repair mode. When you sleep at night your body's organs and tissue are repaired while you sleep. That includes your skin. So get your eight and feel and look great!

Tip number two on how to look younger is to avoid or minimize stress. Your stress and high emotional levels are linked to your skin. Have you ever had a breakout of some kind just before an important and possibly stressful event? These could include cold sores, acne, eczema, or psoriasis. This shows the direct link between high stress levels and the affects on your skin. So find ways to relieve your stress and you will have another way of how to look younger by better skin appearance.

Are you drinking enough water? A good start is to be sure you are consuming half your weight, converted to ounces, of water each day. So if you weigh one hundred and fifty pounds, drink seventy five ounces of water a day. Not soda, juices, coffee, etc. Just plain water. When you have consumed enough water skin wrinkles are less noticeable. Water flushes toxins from your body and hydrates your body's cells. Without enough water cells die. You need plenty of water for your body to function properly, and for your skin to look its best!

Tip number four of how to look younger is to exercise. Sure this sounds obvious, but why will exercise improve skin appearance? Well, exercise increases circulation which helps your skin to cleanse itself of toxins and also uses the nutrients floating around in your body for better skin quality. Also, exercise is a great way to reduce stress levels!

And the last of the tips on how to look younger, at least the ones that I will mention here, is to eat properly! You can't have beautiful skin if you feed your body a diet of nothing but fake food: fast food, frozen boxed meals, over processed foods in a box that resemble a chemistry set of ingredients. You have to make healthy food choices: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are loaded with the vitamins and minerals that your body and your skin need to look its best!

So, don't resort to all the television hype of skin peels, laser treatments, and miracle pills and potions. All you have to do to have vibrant skin is to adopt healthy habits. Not only will you feel better, but you will look better too!

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Thanks for the support Bill!

  about 1 decade ago

Great article and great tips. I have been working on getting the right amount of rest and drinking water. Cutting down on stress also have me looking younger then my age for many years. Thank you

  about 1 decade ago
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