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How To Train Your Abs For High Intensity Sports
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How to Train Your Abs for High Intensity Sports

A nice set of six pack abs are a wonder to look at but what if you wanted abs that you could rely on in a competition environment? For athletic affairs you need more than just bulk(although it might come in handy in sports like boxing and mma/k1!). You need a great deal of power, speed, and endurance on top of regular old strength.

To build up power in your abs you should focus on acceleration. For example, when you do crunches, hold a heavy weight and focus on squeezing your abs as hard as you can for a powerful crunch! The best power training comes from exercises that make use of your full range of motion as your abs get the maximum amount of time to explode.

Speed is a tricky one. It is not enough just to be able to move fast at the torso;you have to be reactive as well! To train your abs speed, focus on more complex movements that have you changing directions constantly. Do not use any added resistance when training speed because the biggest part of practical speed is mastering control of just your body. When you train speed, you can get more results by training with a partner as it allows for a human(unpredictable) element for you to react to.

Endurance is pretty straightforward. The one problem with training endurance is that it takes away from your other qualities. You will have to make a choice between endless endurance and powerful quickness eventually. Either that or be a jack of all trades.

Strength is the in between. You need strength as a base before you either work on your power/quickness or endurance. Strength is the quality that comes with the biggest increase in muscle size. You train strength with slow, deliberate contractions in your workouts. If power is an explosion, strength is bulldozer;slow but driven.

You need to find your own balance of these qualities because the fact is that you an not have them all. also, your genes will most likely work for you in some areas and not in others. Your most potential is in working on what you have the most natural talent in, but don't let that stop you from doing what you want! There are plenty of resources out there about how to train your abs, but not all of them can be trusted. Try out what is written here before making up your mind!

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