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Hula For Better Health
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Like dancing? Like exercising? Now you can do them together in the comfort of your home, and learn about the Hawaiian Culture as well! Get ready to grab your inner hula dancer and letshula! Once you've learned the basic steps and how to move your hips, the hand gestures will follow and you'll be on your way to becoming fit,healthy and be able to show your family and friends a dance or two and become the life of any party.

Ever feel out of place in dance class? You walk in and see others dancing and think to yourself, I want to do that, but I don't think I could EVER do that. Feel like you'll be the only one showing how uncoordinated you are? In this class, you'll be in the front row every time and will be able to follow along at a pace that works for you. There are times when we go into gyms and sign up for dance classes and see that everyone in the classroom already seems to know the movements, or know the routine of the instructor, it can be very frustrating. In this classroom, you'll be the one leading and will also build your confidence in being a fit, healthy hula dancer!

How can hula help you to become fit and healthy? Hula movements use the whole body to tell a story. The basic foot steps allows your body to move in different directions to match your hand movements in telling a story about adeity, a king or queen or a beautiful place on a particular island. With each foot step, your hips and mid-section follow along, giving your body a total body workout with a smile on your face! Breathing is important as part of your dancing and will help connect your mind, body and heart toreaching your health goals. Hula dancingcomes from within. When our bodies are healthy inside, the outside tells the whole story.

Hula has brought many a smile to those doing itor watching it. Some will try it at local lu'au shows and have the time of their lives!Lets get you healthy the Hawaiian way and share it will everyone around you. They will see your transformation both inside and outside and will want to know how you did it! Tell themyoubecame a Hula Dancer and was it was the most fun you've ever had exercising to a better health!

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