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Keeping A Healthy Body
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Keeping A Healthy Body

It is truly amazing that most individuals do not seem to recognize that their health should be taken seriously and they ignore it until it is almost too late to improve it. When a person has a healthy body, their bodies physical appearance has an inner glow and the healthy person enjoys most all situations around her or him. In other words, most people enjoy being around them. I am positive I enjoy someone who sees the best in all situations rather than the worst. A healthy person can and usually does find good in most all situations. Serious sickness resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle is very difficult for the person affected to display a good natured countenance for those around them.

A healthy body can be the result of good genes that you inherited from your mother and father. I know you can’t change or do anything about this, but you have to be aware of this possibility and observe how your parents cope with their health. Do they limit their intake of food and at least exercise moderately?

Regular exercise is something you should get into the practice of if you want to have a healthy body. A person, who doesn’t want to do anything more than relax, sit on the couch and watch TV and eat, is definitely headed toward an unhealthy life and physical body. I don’t mean you have to run a mile every day and go to the gym and lift heavy weights until you are exhausted, but you have to at least walk consistently while swinging your arms and walking briskly.

If your mother and father are successful in staying healthy, observe them and try to emulate their success. If they are not successful, it goes without saying that you should try to avoid the things that have not been helpful for them. Common sense is what is called for in this situation.

Control Your Weight

Now a healthy body is a result of several things in my opinion. One of these things is keeping your weight where it should be for your height. A person who eats what I’d consider healthy foods follows the following concept. All foods are OK, but only in moderation. If you eat or gorge yourself each time you sit down to have a meal, even the healthiest foods can cause you grief. The best thing to keep your weight in the area of good health poundage is to practice pushing yourself away from the dinner table after one helping.

It isn’t a surprise that most overweight persons do not want to change their diet or go on a very different objectionable diet. Diets for the most part only provide a small weight loss and then weight gain back to the initial weight the person stated with. They yo-yo up and down continuously until the dieter gets discouraged and quits entirely. Some obese people totally reject trying to lose weight if they have to undergo strict diets and regular exercise. This is understandable but a serious detriment to them living a good or active lifestyle.

Stop Smoking Now

Cigarette smoking is very detrimental to having good health. Not only does the smoker risk many different forms of cancer but constantly smells like smoke. People who do not smoke find this smell on a smoker disgusting and shy away from them. I personally have heard some forms of cancer a smoker finds they are at risk from is lung cancer, lip and/or mouth cancer, and several others. To improve your health, stop smoking now. The best approach to smoking is to never start.

Keep Your Colon Healthy

Having a healthy colon is very important to staying healthy. So when a colonoscopy is due to aid in diagnosing a regular yearly checkup, have it done. Early detection of any colon problem is most important in staying healthy.

Always Monitor Your Cholesterol Readings

Also during your regular annual physical, if you find that your bad cholesterol number is too high and you additionally have too high of a blood pressure reading, it is time to take action to bring these readings down into the acceptable good health range. Take action while you still can.

Become a User of a Full-spectrum Infrared Saunas

Many people try to avoid the rays of the sun by staying indoors when the sun is very bright and intense. But recent research has found that the natural vitamin D and the full-spectrum infrared rays that the sun provides are very healthy. So don’t avoid getting a natural suntan, just avoid getting a sun burn that can be very painful. Purchase a full-spectrum infrared sauna or get a treatment using an infrared sauna from a business offering that service. This will be very healthy for your total body.


So don’t smoke, exercise regularly to help control your weight, eat sensibly and take vitamins, try to get a good night’s sleep, and stay fungus free to allow you to display your very best appearance. Utilize healthy body products that address all situations mentioned in this article and you will have the best chance to look and feel great. Don’t neglect and get lazy to lose out on achieving your very best. It’s up to you!

Excellent health provides the body with a good complexion and most common aches and pains are few. So it is most important for all to consider and practice the things that are considered healthy practices and avoid the habits that are known to be very bad for total body good health. Once a serious health condition occurs to someone, it could be too late to reverse or correct it. Remember if you are very healthy, you can enjoy looking good too.

Street Talk

Really good article! everyone shod read it...and think about that things.. i myself em smoking...i think its time to stop now..!

  about 1 decade ago
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