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Keeping Fit And Healthy Is Not That Difficult
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Keeping Fit and Healthy is really not that difficult

Within the Western context of our social evolution, many regard attaining success as the ultimate achievement driven by the twin goals of fame and fortune. Similarly, within the context of our physical life (as it s resides within our bodies), the realization of a feeling of wellness is fulfilled by the achievement of high levels of fitness and health. For most ordinary people, unless you are the subject of some level of divine intervention, or the lucky winner of the national lottery, fame and fortune are not easily come by. To be successful, you have to be prepared to work hard and make many sacrifices – which many of us do willingly because we feel that it is worth it in the end, that is, fame and fortune will be ours. So is the road to wellness. Achieving fitness and health likewise require us to make sacrifices (like refusing that second helping of your favorite cheesecake!) and to work hard at activities which in the end produce those desired results.

To be fit and healthy requires a proper combination of exercise, diet and rest. Fitness and health organizations are cropping up all over the place and are experiencing growth at phenomenal rates. Would’nt you rush to join one if you heard that obesity brings an early onset of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc? However, many people cannot afford the high memberships charged by most gyms, have very little time for treadmills or lifting weights and neither can they afford the replacement ‘diets” being marketed for those who need to lose weight. Lack of time, discipline and will, have led many to seek an omnibus design, some kind of "quick fix" methods for keeping fit and healthy, like using so-called ""miracle diets", or, instead of going to the gym, take “weight loss” pills. Mark you, although losing weight (if you are indeed very much overweight) is important to maintain one's health, it must be realized that dieting is only one element in the mix.

However, there are no shortcuts or “quick fixes” to achieving optimum fitness and health. More often than not it happens that people do not complete a program they initially undertook because: (a) self control is absent; (b) the necessary concentration and singularity of purpose was lacking; and, (c) some kind of a fitness program, backed up by a proper diet, was not embarked on. However, if you are indeed to achieve wellness, you have to follow through with your resolve to attain your desired level of fitness and health. You will have to develop and maintain the necessary discipline to see a programme through and to focus on your ultimate goal of being fit and healthy. You can be assisted in this through the many health tips that are aired on radio and television or which form the subject of many fitness and health articles. These can prove to be simple but effective guides to keep you determined and disciplined.

These can also provide you with some assistance and guidance in choosing or developing an exercise regimen. Not every exercise or “workout” routine suits everyone equally and you must determine what harmonizes you best. It could be one kind of activity, e.g. swimming, or a combination of more than one, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, etc and jogging, and so on. One requirement of this though should be that you actually like and enjoy the physical activity, as that way it will keep your interest and strengthen your resolve. There are lots of activities which (because we ENJOY them we don’t see as “exercise”!) can get your muscles working out, like dancing, jogging, brisk walking, and even when doing household chores and running errands.

The cliché is that “you are what you eat”. Eating is most important and therefore you should try to inform yourself on dietary matters which provide support for a healthy living. These are available from specialised websites online, expert articles, relevant magazines, etc. You will continuously have to remind yourself that you don't have to eat fancy, healthy foods which you cannot easily prepare but remember to count the calories you take in.

Proper rest is key – rest for both mind and body! Your body and mind need rejuvenation.. They need to recover from the expenditure of “energy” utilized in the activities in which we engage. Both physical activity and stress are regular outcomes of daily life and any job. Studies show that while some people feel fine with just five hours of sleep a night, many need eight or more hours. Failing to get enough rest at night disrupts our body functions, negatively impact our mental capabilities and reduces our ability to concentrate.

Stress can greatly affect our body's normal processes. A stress-free mind is often linked to an active and healthy body, but if our minds are always grappling with problems which for one reason or another seem insoluble, our physical health suffers. Stressful conditions should either be avoided or ameliorated as much as possible. This site will point out some danger signs and provide useful suggestions on coping mechanisms.

Working towards health and fitness is not really the arduous job that everybody seems to think it is particularly with sufficient motivation, the proper running outfit and the setting of achievable goals. The hard part is often the start and the realization that the effectiveness of a health and fitness regimen, ultimately depends on your ability and willingness to choose the precise and relevant exercise, the right foods and, the needed amount of rest. It's really not only about the recipe (exercise, diet and rest), but about your desire to BE fit and healthy.

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