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Knee Problems Cures
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There are a lot of people who suffer from acute knee pain and probably more then you realise.

If you're one of them then you most likely would have at some time searched for knee problems cures.

It is a very debilitation condition I know because I have two sore knees, and let me tell you the pain can get you down.

This can be the result of damage or just simply wear and tear. If the joint is damaged, it may require surgery, or if it is just from overuse, then some sort of exercise and strengthening might be the way to go.

You see within the knee joint there are bones, ligaments and tissue. If you damage either one of these then there are going to be problems.

One thing to do is keep the whole leg strong, stretching is good, plus some strengthening. Here are some home remedies that might help you;

  • Wintergreen lotions: provide heat in your knee, and thus allow you to cure knee soreness fast. Just rub some on your kne then bandage well.
  • Exercise: strengthen and stretch your inner and outer quadriceps as well as your hamstrings, this will help keep your knee strong.
  • Weight: If you're overweight, this could cause knee pain, so it's in your interest if you're suffering from knee pain to keep the excess weight off.
  • Calcium: Make sure your calcium intake is adequate, if you're not getting enough calcium through your dairy.

If you've just injured your knee, elevate it above your heart level, and put some ice on it, use an ice pack and it's best to wrap it in a tea towel or some cloth to stop it touching your skin, it can burn.

Try rubbing some linement into your knee like "A little bit of relief". Elmore oil or whatever is a well known linament in your country.

Try massaging your knee cap if it's not too sore, rotate the cap itself, this will exercise the joint.

Knee Brace: Wearing a knee brace can help a lot, I have one with magnets around it, it has magnets around the knee cap itself and around the knee.

I don't get much out of it, however some days my knees are ok, other times I can hardly walk.

I think it all depends on the injury, whether it's a substantial injury or whether it's wear and tear like arthritis, it really depends on what is causing the pain I suppose.

If it's arthritis, then there are supplements to take for that like, fish oil, Glucosamine and condroitin, and MSN.

Hope that gives you some insight into some things you can do yourself for addressing knee pain.

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