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Living With Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder
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Living With Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder

Good day in this article I am going to cover a very personal subject and that is ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder. I was diagnosed with this late in life in fact just a mere couple of years ago and since I am now in mid forties I am sure you can work out that this diagnosis was in my forth decade of life.

I guess for me it all started when my mini-me, my son was diagnosed with Higher Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. I learnt then that there is a high chance that one of the parents has one of them. Well when I discovered that one of the symptoms of ADHD could be distinguished by old school report's that said " Could have done better if paid more ATTENTION." I knew there and then that was me.

As my followers might have noticed I am not in any way short of being able to string sentences together and indeed enjoy my state of sanity. Though of course to be slightly mad in a maddening world is not all together bad.

This article is going to cover how as a person with ADHD we think. I would also like to mention at this point that I do not see this as something I "suffer" from. More it is something I live with and shall continue to do so. With that said I shall also cover the moment when they prescribed myself some medication and how that stripped myself of my very soul's personality.

I find it very hard to focus on any one subject at any given time. Whilst for others it could take a bomb to go off to distract their focus. For me it could be a slight breeze that would grab my attention and whilst I contemplate where the wind came from that in itself could lead me to open more tabs on my browser to discover how wind is generated, whilst at the same time the quality article that I am writing would for that moment have taken a back seat.

With that said the sheer enjoyment I get out of actions like this is that I myself am always learning new and am blessed with having a high degree of knowledge on many subjects. Yes the article might take twice maybe three times as long to write as someone who does not have ADHD but the original article I set out to write shall be finished to a high calibre whilst meanwhile I would have educated myself some more on a subject I knew little about.

When I was first diagnosed they offered to place me a drug called Ritalin. Of course being newly diagnosed I wanted to see how well this medicine would benefit me.

Ritalin is a member of the Amphetamine family. For those that are not aware of what the Amphetamine family is, it is a "Speed" type drug. For people who do not ADHD it would in essence make you more alert and speed up your thought processes. For people with ADHD the opposite occurs.

All I can say is that this drug robbed me of my very own personality. It stopped my brain thoughts completely. I felt as if the very neurons that communicate so fluently inside my brain had been turned off and I was akin to a walking zombie.

My personality is one of quick wit, an enduring laugh and one that can be relied upon to always have a smile upon my face. This drug denied me this. I came off the drug a mere week after being put on it and I consulted the Dr on this and explained why I was stopping the course. She agreed and confirmed that I did have ADHD.

To me ADHD is not a disability or indeed a sufferance in any way. It makes me who I am and has blessed myself with the personality I share with people and the thoughts that I have in this maddening world.

In this article we covered how I live with ADHD how I consider myself not to have a disorder or indeed a sufferance because of it. Lastly we touched on the medication that was prescribed to me and how this medicine Ritalin affected my own personality.

Once again thanks for reading and any questions just ask.

All the best Jason who quite simply rocks at writing.

Street Talk

Have lived with it my whole life, and I agree with you, we are who we are, great one JP . My second son is about as text book as they come, and meds were never an option.Will not do it, hands on approach is the only way to go for me.

  about 1 decade ago

You are welcome Shawn and yeah keep them there horrible drugs out of the little one's system...

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for that Rob. Yes it is a shame that parents put their children on this drug and that teachers effectively give up because we dont fall into the "normal" set...oh well we smile well :)

  about 1 decade ago

This is a disorder so many children are diagnosed with today and placed on ritalin, something I don't agree with. This is not a new disorder and therefore children who were at school with me, knowing the symptoms, had it. They all grew up alright and became members of the community, a little over-active and excitable but otherwise nothing wrong with them. The point I'm trying to ask is, do you think children suffering from ADHD should be placed on the drug after your personal experience with it and its effects?

  about 1 decade ago

Good day Rob. The short answer to your question would I prescribe it that answer is a resounding "NO". I have had this "condition" all my life and I can honestly say hand on heart I have a great positive outlook on life. My gorgeous wife to be also has this "condition" and is also of a positive nature. We, my partner and I, are both completely dismayed at the lack of positivity that we have gained from this "condition". As I am not a Dr I cannot possibly give sound medical advice but as a parent I would definitely say "No" to my son being prescribed this and rather educate him on the positives of this condition. Watch this space as a book is being created inside my head as I type..... Amongst a 1000 other thoughts :) All the best Jason

  about 1 decade ago

I love your attitude and enthusiasm, and I'm concerned for the children that have put their own children on this drug... to me it is so wrong, teachers should be taught how to bring out the best of the children with this disorder, rather than to drug the children into submission...

  about 1 decade ago
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