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Lose The Belly Fat
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Lose the Belly Fat

Is there a way to lose the belly fat? It seems that it is on everybody’s mind including our First Lady and the Mayor of New York. And why are they concerned? Because it is a health issue of mammoth proportions.

A Social Problem

Being overweight is a social problem because it increases the cost of health care. It is also big business with pharmaceutical companies pumping out solutions, straining at their bits while waiting on the FDA to approve them.

What Is That Stuff?

The supplement people have less of a problem. They can put darn near anything into a bottle, and as long as they don’t say the stuff heals a disease, they can do as they darn please. I watched a video on the Internet where an M.D. said that supplements are often based on scientific studies where a particular ingredient was found to prove effective in curing an health problem. However, the study used a product from a certain sources refined in and processed in a certain way.

Well, the supplement company can’t afford this product from a specific source and refined in a certain way. So they get their miracle herbs from a different source refined in a different way which has no therapeutic value whatsoever. That is what they stick in a bottle and sell you a three-month supply for only $90.00.

Drastic Measures

Surgeons are willing to risk your life by performing major surgery to remove a big chunk of intestine which they chuck into a bucket. After all heals up, you can continue to eat all the junk food you want and your intestines will not pull out enough of the nutrients to make you fat. I call that drastic surgery. It often works. A friend of mine finally gave up on his belly fat and did just that. He dropped weight like you wouldn’t believe. Well, more power to him.

Natural Methods for Losing Belly Fat are Best

I think that natural methods of belly fat control are best. Eat less, eat right, exercise and make sure that you don’t have a hormonal problem.

Hormones can drive you to that candy bar, to that quart of ice cream or to the fast-food joint down the street. Hormones can be controlled by diet and removing stress. But some folks will need help from their family doctor. Getting your hormones under control can help you get your belly fat under control.

Pizza Weight Loss Program

We all know that pizza is full of good things to eat. The problem is loading it with meat and cheese. The problem is eating pizza until you burst instead of just a slice or two at the most.

Last night Jay Leno said that a national chain’s pizza was a box with cheese on it. Of course he was referring to the great pizza restaurants in the Northeast. But, it doesn’t matter where you buy your pizza, you are really buying ring around the belly. So you want to restrict how much you eat. That is true of many foods. Moderation required.

Whenever I take my grand kids out for pizza, I have them eat a large salad before the pizza arrives. That way they are getting some of the nutrients they need and they don’t eat too much pizza. Our pizza joint here in South Central Idaho, serves French Fries but they are baked in the pizza oven. I haven’t checked what they look like before they go into the oven. Did someone already deep fry them? I’m afraid to ask. I will ask.

How About a Little Movement There?

There are plenty of exercises illustrated on the Internet that will help you reduce belly fat. Include some muscle work to improve the efficiency of the other methods you are using. Maybe they will help you work off that last piece of pizza. Do you have a belly ball?

Processed Foods

I stay away from most processed foods like that peach pie that come from a box in the freezer. Reading the label may reveal a group of chemicals that you never heard of. I have a very heavy chemical background and some I’ve never heard of. If you looked at OSHA’s data sheets on these chemicals, it might scare you to death. Some folks are allergic to such chemicals.

Like Chinese?

My favorite Chinese restaurant, after my wife’s caregiver’s Chinese food, does not put MSG into their food. That means that I can take my daughter-in-law there and she won’t end up with a migraine headache. Allergy doctors are having a field day because of the chemical crap we are now eating.

The Chinese that I have known over the years eat meat as a garnish with vegetables and rice. I don't see many fat Chinese walking around. And the China Study showed that many Chinese are free of disease because they at a simple diet free of much meat and full of vegetables and such.

Timpanogos Was a Warrior and a Mighty Ute

The Utes were mighty before the Europeans came along. So, let’s be like the Ute Indians used to be, living on natural foods that contained all the nutrients they needed. They were twice as strong as a white man and they could run all day. Plunking them down on reservations and feeding them white flour and alcohol destroyed them physically.

A Ute Lady Snatched My Father When He Was a Baby

The reason I like to tell about the Ute Indians is that my father was kidnapped by a woman of the tribe when he was a baby. It took church leaders about ten days to get him back to his mother. She said my grandmother had lots of kids and could spare one baby. She also said she would make him a great Ute chief.

Gee, maybe I would have become a chief too.

We Are What We Eat

We are what we eat. Take care of yourself and you will be able to get rid of belly fat quickly.

You will be glad that you took the precaution of feeding your body foods with proper nutrients, fruits and vegetables, no transfats or saturated fats, and fish and chicken and such. Give your belly fat a kiss goodby as you hit that punching bag.


Note: The pic is of my wife and her caregiver and daughter.

Street Talk

This IS a fun article as Cynthia says. Your personality comes through. A real pleasure to read--entertainment in fact yet lots of good, well rounded perspective. A lot of stress has been in my own life the past 2 years and once the cortisol was rebalanced I still had to a develop a stronger, healthy core and a body resilient within stressful times. And since I hear having your "core" strong dictates the health of all other organs in your body, it makes complete sense to know what just maintains your health. Thanks for the reminder!

  about 7 years ago

Thank you, Jill! Our body is a fragile thing when you come to think about it. It is also very complicated. When something goes wrong it is not like fixing a Model A Ford. Cars have become much more complicated with time but our body is just as complicated as it was thousands of years ago. Yet our mechanics (doctors) can't always fix it. So, we have to take some things into our own hands and do what is right for our body. John

  about 7 years ago

O my goodness, quite a fun article! Thanks. Giving my belly fat a kiss goodbye is a good way to think - as is the idea of get rid of belly fat quickly. I've been moving more, eating less, including a mile walk to Mass and a mile back daily. That plus before that building up to it from being unable to walk 0.7 miles around a tiny man-made lake a friend from church pointed me to. Stubborn me, I stopped ever few feet to rest and built up to being able to walk over 10 miles:-) Then swine flu and other stuff hit so I'm still starting over. I'm one year off steroids now and 17 days into a 90 day detox process (Rx++) that becomes a cleansing type of fasting tomorrow. Perfect timing to see your article. Thanks for your encouragement. I went from a size 10 up to a size 26W and now back again (wearing miracle stretchy pants today in size 6!).

  about 7 years ago

Thank you for your comment. Looks like you have things in control. Walking is great. I'm lucky to have the high school track next door. John

  about 7 years ago
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