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Lose Weight Fast: Fastest Weightloss
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Lose Weight Fast: Fastest Weightloss

In recent years, i'm not quite sure there has been a topic that has generated more fervour than weightloss even on the African continent where traditionally, a robust figure is regarded as a sign of good living.

Most weightloss programs have side effects, it is left to the individual to weigh the pros and cons. Those that don't are usually ones that take months for results to show. It would entail change of eating habits, exercises etc. I agree that this is the best way to diet and to keep the weight off, i also recognise that it takes a lot of courage and self will to stay on this kind of programs especially if you don't see results immediately

Now there are times in life you just need that quick fix. You might want to lose a dress size in a week or get into that wedding dress on that very special day. Whatever the reason, there are a few fads out there that can help and i would briefly touch on the ones i have personally tried at one time or the other

Kekwick diet - To my understanding, you eliminate carbohydrate and increase fat intake. The body will then go into ketosis and burn fat for energy since carbs are not present. Calorie limit for the day is 1,000 and 900 of this must come from fat, as you can expect, food choices are very limited and this can be really frustrating. I managed less than a week on it before i gave up but i did lose quite a bit of weight, now if only i could have stuck to it...

Slimming Pill - Generally, I have always shied away from slimming pills by convincing myself that they all damage organs in the body. The real truth is that i have never liked swallowing any kind of pill even the sugar coated ones. Recently however a friend convinced me to try greeworld slimming pills and i did. I can categorically say that it is d easiest dieting step i have taken ever, simply because it suppressed my appetite. It did this so well that it took an extra effort on my part to even remember to at least eat something. As expected, weight loss was rapid. There were quite a few side effects which i didn't mind at all until spots started appearing on my face and since i had never been one to get facial spots, i automatically blamed the pills.

Fasting - Most people fast for religious reasons, to some of these people there is also a secondary reason of weight loss. When i fasted, it was solely for the purpose of losing weght fast. The fastest would be the water fast, this i did for 5days. The most difficult period is the first couple of days. One can also break fast once a day in the evening before seven, choice of food should be limited to low carb and time period extended to between 7 to 30days

Liquid fast - this is my most recent diet or experiment as i call it. The premise is that you eat anything you want so far it is in liquid form. I combined this diet with body firming by using the body toning kit from forever living. I body wrapped almost everyday while on this weightloss program. I dropped a dress size in about ten days and my body did look great

A word of caution, have a chat with your doctor before you go on any of the above diet ideas and if you want to keep the results you will most likely get, go on a lifestyle change immediately after. Eat right, exercise and persevere. There are quite a few designed diet programs that can help with the effects of yoyo dieting, you will probably need to start with body detox and then go on an all natural diet program that helps reduce the body's absorption of calories and carbs.

All in all, no matter what weight loss program you decide on, don't forget your vitamins and everyday essentials.

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