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Make Your Own Toothpaste
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Make Your Own Toothpaste

Just reading the list of ingredients in local grocery store toothpaste, makes one wonder if we need all those strange looking names in own body. If you have time to dig deeper and really take time and research to find the answers, the overall answer is no, we don't need them. Are they harmful? I can't say. Anyway it's highly recommendable, not to swallow toothpaste, even thought that may be difficult in case of small kids.

It's better to know what you are using in your body or which kind of paste you put in your mouth. To really know, you can do the tooth paste by yourself. It's fast and easy to make, it's also cheap comparing to commercial products and most importantly you know these ingredients.

Here are two basic recipes which I have used more than 10 years. First one is more favourable for children and the later one alternative for adults.

1. What you need for kids taste

- Baking soda 4 tablespoons

- Coconut oil (or glycerine) 2 1/2 tablespoons

- Stevia-powder 1 portion (1g)

- Peppermint oil 25-40 drops, adjust by your taste

- Other oils instead of peppermint or combined (spearmint oil, thyme oil, clove oil, oregano oil)

2. What you need for adult taste

- Baking soda 4 tablespoons

- Salt 1 tablespoon (sea salt even better)

- Coconut oil (or glycerine) 1 tablespoon

- Water 1-2 tablespoon to adjust thickness

- Oregano oil and thyme oil (my favourites), use your preferred taste in this

Here is how to make it:

Take a small bowl, mix dry ingredients together. Add liquids in the bowl and mix well until the mixture is paste-like, add a few drops of water if you need it thinner. You can't go wrong! Ready mixture can be stored in small cup with lid or you may force it in a tube. Cup is just as useful once you get used to it.

The feel of coconut oil is very nice in your mouth. I love coconut oil in cooking and even in tooth paste. There are plenty of new rich studies of coconut oil's unique properties. You know, we aren't allowed to say this or that of most natural products benefits in our public society, I am also not saying. What I'm saying, we may continue to read the studies by ourselves and live our life accordingly.

Why I have used homemade toothpaste for that many years? I have concerns of certain ingredients commonly in grocery store toothpastes, same time the more acceptable products aren't acceptable to my wallet. When I had small children I could let them brush their teeth with one worry less, I felt it's not that harmful to swallow baking soda and coconut oil.

And what's the result of using own toothpaste? The result depends on how you brush and how often you do that. My homemade toothpaste has been a huge part of maintaining my family's good tooth hygienic.

Street Talk

Brilliant article. I'm all for making household items naturally. I'm going to get onto this recipe this weekend for sure. Thanks. :)

  about 1 decade ago
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