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Myths About Low Carbohydrate Diabetes Diet Plan
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This article is to debunk seven myths that surround diabetes diet plan. One of the myths that you might have heard of is, don't eat white foods. This myth arises from the fact that most white foods are carbohydrates. We know that carbohydrates after digestion breaks down to sugar, and we further know that sugar is the major problem in diabetes. But this myth is false because recent research shows that certain white foods are actually good for the body. For example, white fruits like apple, coconut, cucumbers and egg plants are excellent sources of vitamins.

You can Cure Diabetes By Losing Weight

Even though it is always a good thing to lose weight if you were obese, it is not true that losing weight alone will cure diabetes. Diabetes has no cure but can be controlled with insulin, proper diet and weight loss. A well balanced low carbohydrate diet with plenty of vegetables taken with a timely insulin injections along with exercises can produce desirable results. Drink plenty of water and choose exercises that will help burn excess calories.

Avoid Eating Fruits

Some people assume that because fruits are generally sweet, as a result they are not good for diabetes. This is a false assumption because fruits make up a good part of a healthy diet. Fruits can not be totally avoided. The main thing to look out for is the amount. Do not eat an excessive amount of fruits in one helping. Spread it out over the course of the day.

Take Snacks Between Meals.

When you eat snacks in between meals, this will keep you from getting hungry. This is a false myth because it is better to eat only when you are hungry. When you are hungry, the digestive enzymes are ready to go to work. They aid in breaking down the food both in the mouth and in the stomach for quick absorption into the blood stream.

Drink Only Sugar Free Drinks

This is a false myth because most sugar free drinks are made with sugar substitute. Research shows that sugar substitutes are worse than sugar itself The only sugar substitutes that are good for the body is horny or molasses. Best of all, drink plain water. Only water can quench your taste. Too much of a sweet thing is bad for you.

Fat Is Good For Diabetics

This is false because fat is just as bad as sugar. Fat may be tasty, but very difficult to get rid of. It is the last calories to burn off during exercise. In addition to that it clogs the arteries and may cause heart attacks and strokes.


If you take all these myths into consideration when developing a low carbohydrate diabetes diet plan in addition to a good choice of aerobic exercises, you may be able to manage your diabetes without drugs with good results.

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Because carbohydrates digest into sugars, it is important to make diabetic diet to be low in carbohydrates.

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