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Ovarian Cancer
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The ovarian canser is a disease which affects the woman's ovaries specifically the female reproductive glands of ovules. The ovarian cancer is manifested through the infection of 03 tissus contained and make part of the woman's ovaries.

The infection consisting of a group of abnormal group of malignancies factors affecting respectively the apithycal cells covering the ovary, germs cells which are the constituants of inside ovary and the stomals cells. The rise of malignancies lead to the development of tumors throughout the 03 tissu's ovaries. The most common type of ovarian cancer current in the fringe women commmunity is the epithycal ovary known in the medical glossary.

as the epithytical ovarian cancer and constitutes the rate of 90% of all ovarian cancer while the others are respectively 5% for germ tumors and 5% for stomals tumors.

The symptoms of ovarian cancer are often detected at an advanced stage and mostly are non specific in view the presence of other disorders body like the bladder disorder which could desoriente the diagnostic. As the origin of this disease is unknown ,also the symptoms are not obviously detected which require track down for the identification of the disease.

The risk to get the ovarian cancer is streamed out by the family story through the inheritance of genes at mutations phase , resulting of increasing the possibilty to affect the DNA repair's system whom its role is to protect genetique material to damage.

The cause of this type of ovarian cancer is evaluated at nearly 10 to15 % in all ovarian cancer. Also the famlily story is involved on the risk to transmit the infection through respectively a breast , colon and endoctrinal cancer due the genes mutation. The disease is most commmon in women through the menopause, obesity ,hormonal replacement therapy , infertility.

These factors increase the risk to contract the disease while it is reduced with taking oral contraceptive for many years even after stoping the pills. The available treatments used in our actual up date research discoveries for healing the ovarian cancer are the surgery and the chemotherapy.

Surgery is the oriented treatment choice for the removal of tumors and also to be ascertain how more far the cancer has spread through the ovary, however this surgical method could be successful olny if finalised by the chemotherapy process,which treats the remaing traces that may be forgotten or unable to extract by the surgical methotology.

The chemotherapy if used alone for removing tumor could lead while destroying cancer cell's, to damage the same manner safe growing cells in the body that have negative repercussions in causing.

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