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Should We Make Resolutions About Weight Loss
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Throughout my life, I can honestly say whenever I made a commitment to undertake a mission regarding my personal weight problems, I have failed miserly. It is as though some unknown entity is lurking in my mind, to countermand any positive thoughts that may enter. I have heard older folks talk about people being possessed with demons and evil spirits (I don‘t know why I keep saying older folks, I am getting on up there myself). In all honesty, I do not give much credence to that saying, but on the other hand, something is out of kilter.

An argument can be made that something possesses us, or, we are the weakest living mammals on this earth. Case in point, look around yourself and witness all the out of shape or overweight people that travel in your circle. If applicable, do not forget to include yourself. I know I would be number one on my list.

I am talking about intelligent people, many have college degrees. Yet, with all the intelligence they possess, they are unable to control the weight demon. The weight demon conceals himself in the background until the opportunity is present to take control of your mind. Have you ever attended an outing or party, and none of those in attendance knew who sponsored it.

I do believe the weight demon is the culprit. You will notice that all of the weight demon’s parties are the same in regards to unhealthy foods. Somehow, the demon has enough skills to send us an invitation to attend the gathering. He informs us that many of our friends will be there. How can you resist?

Prior to departing for the outing, I will promise myself that I will not over eat. I may even pray on it. During my first hour, I am able to resist temptation. However, I will swear the chocolate cake is personally calling me. Guess what, it is. The weight demon knows how to do his job. I tell myself that I will have one slice. Sometime later, a friend, who has sold her soul to the demon, will lure me in, (for the record, this satire is not intended to offend anyone). The friend will say, I am going to get a piece, do you desire a slice.

Within myself, I know I have already had a slice, and another slice would violate my vow. I tell myself that one more slice will not matter. Funny thing, when the outing is over, I would have consumed nearly half of that cake and I have other food items in a bag to take home.

Then I ask myself, where did I go wrong? Then I realize that we all are just a bunch of weaklings, this is evident by our girths.

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