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Should You Use Resisitance Bands
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Should You Use Resisitance Bands

So the burning question is Should you use resistance bands? can you seriously build muscle get stronger, fitter leaner, faster and basically get that body you crave and want.

The answer to the questions above is a resounding YES. But please remember I can only give you the facts and benefits of using resistance bands. You will never get the results you want unless you focus on your goals, find what works for you and plan and execute an all out assault on those muscles. Training is not easy, if it was we would all be walking around ripped shredded all buff and gorgeous, In reality only the committed succeed, are you committed enough to yourself to make it?. If you answer yes to that then your half way there.

Now to the resistance bands and what they can do for you.

1. Bands are much cheaper to buy than free weights ideal if your on a budget. Anyone can use and benefit from bands Young or old male of female. Plus there is no need for extra equipment such as benches or stands, If you do want to purchase extra stuff these are usually pretty cheap or if your good with your hands you can make your own.

2.They can be stored easily, in a draw bottom of a wardrobe, sports bag, I mean you can literally have 500lbs + of resistance in a bag, try doing that with free weights.

3. By using door anchors and anywhere anchors you can turn a bedroom, garage, garden, and any other space you would want to train in to a gym equal to any you could join and visit, versatility has to be one of the bands top selling points.

4. Safety is another big factor with resistance bands there is no need for spotters, stands, benches etc, they also force you to use good form further reducing the risk of injury, this also makes them ideal for beginners. Being unable to cheat the band up to the finish position really shows you how strong you really are so big ego`s may get bruised.

5. If you travel a lot then bands are in my opinion an absolute must, they are a gymnasium in a bag. You will never have to miss a precious workout again.

6.Never again will you have to pay for gym memberships or waste your valuable time travelling to and from the gym, they can be used by the whole family and are not as intimidating to use as free weights so everyone will be able to use them confidently.

7 Now to the burning question, Can you train heavy with bands I`ve heard you cant?. Well you CAN its complete RUBBISH and anyone who tells you otherwise is talking pants. when you use free weights and the weight gets too light for you what do you do?, you add weight to the bar and its the same with bands, you just add bands or use a bigger band. You can get bands rated to 300lbs of resistance, if you double the band you double the resistance that's a whacking 600lbs of resistance that's heavy enough for most mortals.

8. Bands can be used for strength, mass, sports specific,agility, fitness and any other type of training out there. In my opinion resistance bands are the most underrated training accessories out there.

Should you use resistance bands you decide,

The choice is yours, and I would not say to you you must train with resistance bands over free weights, I made my choice and it works for me.You can use both together, or each on their own. But I would stress that you should and must open your mind to as many different training tools/ techniques as possible to find out what really works for you, so that only the best results are achieved. This does take time and patience though but by taking what works for you from different styles and routines discarding what does not work for you, overall chances of success will be maximized and will inevitably lead to better long term and consistent gains. Never accept general training principles everyone is different and individual.

Be Happy Be Healthy :)

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