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Strength Training Tips For Runners
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Strength Training Tips For Runners

When it comes to training especially in the area of running, runners tend to be very careful about strength training as it can negatively impact their overall performance. But that doesn't mean there isn't any way to strength train, improve your shape and ruin your cardiovascular ability. There are several types of strength training exercises for runners that can keep them going the way they like while also improving their strength.

One thing to keep in mind when strength training: Focus on exercises that involve the body being used as the weight for the most part and not trying to lift major weights (bench pressing is fine). So focus on things such as pushups, pullups, squats, implementing a medicine ball into your workouts, and even rope climbing.

In general simple workouts (meaning simple to understand, not exactly do) that involve you using your body as the weight for things such as pushups and pull ups help tone the body. increase strength without having your muscles grow to a point where they can ruin your running performance.

Furthermore these exercises also help improve your running performance because they help burn fat and keep muscles active. So if you're a runner whose trying to lose weight, running just won't cut it. Start implementing these exercises into your workout and you'll notice a dramatic difference!

Now onto a very important tool that can help enhance the overall effect of all the above exercises and your running performance: The Kettle bell! Yes it is a weight that is used to help build muscle, but if used properly with the above exercises, your body will not only burn fat better, it will also help your muscles become more lean and resistant to exhaustion and a heavy weight feeling that often occurs with runners.

For example, swinging the kettle bell while sitting in a squat position between your legs and up to your shoulder area is also a similar motion that is seen when running, but as you continually repeat this exercise, your arms will become more accustomed to this motion so once you begin running, your arms will be able to hold out longer before they become heavy. This will allow your mind to focus more on the running rather than the weight!

The kettle bell if used with common strength training exercises, is a runners best friend when it comes to combining strength training workouts without negatively affecting the runner's performance! The above strength training tips for runners will help you go a long way in improving your performance and looking good at the same time!

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