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The Easiest Way To Start Shedding Pounds Today
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The Easiest Way to Start Shedding Pounds Today

So, the easiest way to start shedding pounds is simply to start. All too often we wait for the “perfect time”. We think there is going to be a time when we have less distractions, more time to focus on planning, when we buy the new gym equipment, find the latest diet pill or jump on the latest craze and then we’ll get serious about losing weight. Unfortunately, life keeps moving and the pounds continue to accumulate until one day we look at ourselves in the mirror and conclude that it’s too late and there is no point in doing anything. Luckily it’s never too late and there are lots of little changes you can make today that will bring results immediately. Make the decision to implement just three changes today that will start you on your road to success.

Essentially weight loss is a big math equation, and not even the complicated stuff. Its basic addition and subtraction, where calories in must be less than or equal to calories out, it’s just that simple!

Calories in: Starting today, write down everything that goes into your mouth. This is an extremely important first step to create an awareness of what you are consuming, how many calories (approximately) you are taking in each and every day. This is not an exercise in beating yourself up but rather an opportunity for you to be able to look at what you eat, the times you eat and make better and more informed decisions in the future. Be honest, be real, so many others will lie to you in your lifetime, so please don’t cheat yourself on this one. Chances are you will feel somewhat guilty about writing it down that there will be things you don’t even eat which is just an added bonus at this point.

Calories out: This is the hardest part for some, to try to get more active. The mere thought of joining a fitness facility or gym is enough to make some people puke with anxiety, so don’t. Begin by walking 10 minutes each and every day. It could be on your lunch break, it could be laps in a hallway, it can even be spit up into two 5 minutes sessions after different points in the day. Whatever it is, whenever it is, just do it. Begin walking 10 minutes each and every day.

Flush out: Cut out all of the empty calories you drink, especially pop. Begin today to cut back or better yet completely eliminate pop all together. For each glass or can of pop you would usually have, substitute it for water and I will guarantee that you will feel better. Now initially, you may have some caffeine withdrawal depending on how much you usually consumed, hang in there this will be some short term pain for some big term gain. At first you may not like the taste of water, but within a couple of days you will find yourself “thirsting” for water.

Follow this program for 1 week, writing down what and how much you eat, walking just 10 minutes each and every day, and substitute all of the pop you would usually drink with water.

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