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The Three Ds Of A Six Pack Stomach
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Summers in the mid west are a time of rejoice and celebration as mother nature has had a very cold and icy intention on making our lives miserable for the past six months. Waking up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning to sub-zero temperatures, clearing our windshields of ice and snow every single morning, and constantly steping into snow that somehow always seems to make it inside our socks are just some of the struggles that drive us insane during the unrelentless months of winter. Yet, no matter how many feet of snow we shovel, drive, and ice our way through, memories of summers past and thoughts of warm, bright sunshine keep us trucking along icy roads and highways knowing that summer is just around the corner.

Summer is bliss! Town festivals, holiday bbqs, and drunken horseshoe games with your buddys are some of the great things about summertime finally arriving. Yet, no matter how great these things are, nothing beats a weekend at the lake with a big crew of happy people. Jet skis, boats, and bikinis are a formula for a great weekend full of unforgettable memories(that is if you can remember them). Be it cruising around a big lake on a jet ski, wakeboarding behind a nice, fast ski boat, or just hanging out on the pantoon with some lady friends(my personal favorite), time spent on the water is second to none. However, there is one thing that can really add a nice dimension to the already awesome weekends of the summer. It is something every guy wishes he had, every woman finds attractive, and with a little hard work is very achievable. I am talking about a tan, ripped, six pack stomach!

A nice six pack stomach is what every guy wishes he could unveil to the ladies in the summertime. However, this is usually not the case. The long winter months tend to add some extra layers to that six pack stomach, yet adding to the already very, very long list of reasons as to why winter sucks.  As terrible as winter is, I believe it is time to stop hating on the winter season, and focus that negative energy towards motivating ourselves to be in shape and ready to go when the summer season finally arrives. We need to think of winter as a time to prepare and a time to get rid of those unwanted layers of belly fat and start brushing the surface of that six pack stomach. The secret to achieving a six pack stomach is more than just a combination of diet and exercise, as any expert will tell you is the only way to a flat stomach. As true as it is that diet and exercise are key components to a six pack stomach, I believe there are three more components to achieving a six pack stomach, and I call them the three 'D's; Desire, Dedication, and Determination

Desire is the will to achieve. A man with no desire will just float along in life with no purpose and no mindset of setting goals and seeking out to accomplish them. He will eat and drink his way to a very santa like belly, and will never have the strive and will to seek out a six pack stomach. He will dismiss the fact that he is fat and claim he does not care what he looks like, yet he knows that if he was healthier and in better shape, his life would be different. A man with desire will set goals. A man with desire will dream and will live his life towards chasing that dream. A man with desire will not only chase his dreams, but he will catch them, and he will feel the satisfaction and joy of success. He understands that hard work pays off, and good things take time to develop. A six pack stomach is work in progress and needs desire to keep that progress moving forward. Desire is a tool of the greats, and without it,  progress will  come to a hault and santa belly will claim its layers all year long.

Dedication is alive in every mans heart, but it seems that some men are content with just letting it sleep in there. They stroll along in life going from idea to idea, job to job, apartment to apartment without ever taking the time to stop, focus, and drive towards a set destination. There needs to be a set path to walk on and you must take that walk each and every day. You must be dedicated to that path and believe that at the end of this journey there will be great reward, and another path with even more riches will open. Creating a great six pack stomach needs be viewed as a journey, and without dedication from within, this journey will reap no rewards and will stay closed  to the greater adventures beyond it. You must be dedicated on your path towards a ripped six pack stomach, and if you are dedicated and you have the focus it takes to achieve your goals, then the best rewards will lay ahead in your future(and yes, im hinting towards women, pun intended).

Determination is the driving force behind any great man. The ability to never quit, never say die, and never fear failure is what seperates the week from the strong. Determination is what turned a short, skinny high school sophmore from Wilmington, North Carolina that was cut by his varsity basketball team because he was deemed to short, into not only the greatest basketball player of all time, but one of the most recongnized and respected icons of our generation(Michael Jordan). Determination is what transformed a very troubled youth and teen with a speech impedament from Bessemer, Alambama into the first athlete ever to be named an all star in two major sports, and also, a marketing monster in the late 1980's and early 1990's(Bo Jackson with Bo Knows). Determination is what took a young boy with attention deficit hyperactive disorder from Townsen, Maryland and allowed him to become a sixteen time olympic medalist and winner of the most gold medals ever in a single Olympic Games(Micheal Phelps). The key behind any great six pack stomach is not just eating right and working out, it is having the determination to eat right every single day, work out on a consistent basis week after week, and know that everyday is a chance to better yourself and work hard towards that six pack stomach. If you believe it, you will achieve that ripped set of abs!

Desire, Dedication, and Determination are a very powerful team when utilized together. This combination can create big opportunities with big openings that can lead to success in multiple ways. A six pack stomach is not something that can be created with the newest diet plan or fitness product. These things may help in the battle to tone your midsection, but if you truly want to achieve that flat, six pack stomach, the three 'D's will take you farther than any diet craze or new miracle ab product could ever hope to take you.  Wilh the right frame of mind and the will to achieve, you will create that six pack stomach, and you will add that next dimension to summertime. Have fun on the lake!

For more motivation and information on creating a great six pack stomach go to, a website devoted to motivating and bringing people together for one common goal, creating a great Six Pack Stomach.

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