Traditional Vs Mini Dental Implants & Their Difference
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Do you feel embarrassed to show your teeth or smile at people during meetings or parties? You hide them because you have damaged, chipped or decayed tooth making you feel uncomfortable when surrounded by crowds. The only solution to this problem is visiting a dentist and availing a dental implant procedure. As far as these restorations are concerned, they are made of a metal known as titanium that is well suited to the human body. These are inserted into your jawbone to support a bridge or prosthetic teeth.

Implants have the ability to restore any number of your teeth, from a solo one to a complete arch. The end result is a healthy and beaming smile that would help you to eat, speak, smile and laugh without any kind of embarrassment and discomfort.

If you are looking for such treatment, there are two 2 options to choose from. One is the traditional implant and the other mini dental implant (MDI). Let’s discuss these one by one.

The Traditional Process

For more than 3 decades, the traditional form of treatment has been trusted by patients. In this procedure, lost, decayed or damaged teeth can be replaced. It is effective for full denture, multiple teeth restoration or bridge. Some patients also opt for this procedure to support removable dentures in their place.

A small screw is fixed in a patient’s jawbone by performing a tiny incision in your gum tissue. Once the affected part is healed after some weeks and the insertion is attached to your bone, your dentist will load a crown on the implant. The end result is a healthy tooth or a set of teeth giving you a charming smile that will work and feel as good as your natural whites.

Mini Implants

Just like the conventional form of treatment, mini implants are effective in restoring damaged or lost teeth. However, this is primarily used to replace pre-molars, front teeth, teeth found in a narrow area and even small teeth.

In this procedure, a single metal piece, i.e. a titanium screw is used which is shaped like a head with a ball at the top. The head of this device is made of a solo rubber O-ring. This helps to join to the socket of your prosthetic tooth or denture.

The Differences between the Two Treatment Forms

As far as a mini implant is concerned, it is comparatively thinner than a regular one. The diameter of the former is normally between 1.8mm and 2.9mm while traditional restorations measure 4 to 6mm. Since the size is small, your dentist will place an MDI in areas where he finds significant bone loss.

  • A traditional device or restoration consists of 3 parts including the abutment, a screw made of titanium and crown. When it comes to MDIs, they are one-piece and are narrow.
  • Regular dental appliances normally come with a hollow in the center while MDIs are a one solid piece.
  • MDI sticks out of a patient’s gums unlike the regular ones.
  • Regular implants are more invasive and take less time. MDI, on the other hand, requires no incision.
  • MDI cost less than regular ones.

So, if you have lost or damaged teeth, ask a dental implant professional which restoration devices will suit you, regular or MDIs.

Author Bio:

Luis Henry is familiar with renowned and experienced dentists for several years. In this article, he has discussed about “Traditional vs. Mini Dental Implants & Their Difference”. He has collected most of the information after discussing with some reputed specialists of dental implants Rancho Cucamonga CA.

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