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Training For Six Pack Abs
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Training for Six Pack Abs

The abdominals can often be a very confusing and frustrating muscle group to train. It moves in so many different ways and links in with so many other muscle groups that it can be very hard to isolate. Luckily, there are exercises that are specifically for six pack abs in terms of muscle growth. There are also many that target the abs indirectly. For the purposes of this article, I will be focusing only on direct training for six pack abs.

Crunches really do not accomplish much. They are hard on the tailbone and just plain awkward. Only decline or hanging upside-down crunches are really effective. They cover a larger range of motion and offer more muscle stress(as opposed to fatigue) which causes the muscle to react by growing larger and stronger afterwards. If these options become easy you also have the option of carrying extra weight through the movement.

A pull up bar is your best weapon when tackling lower abs. You can do leg raises which involve lifting your legs in front of you. I could write a whole book on leg raise variations but I am sure you can think of plenty on your own! Lower ab development is the difference between a novice and a pro in the world of six pack abs!

Obliques are relatively simple to train. Simply grab a weight(preferably a medicine ball) and start twisting at the waist. You will want to be careful not to twist to far, you only get one spine! Use power to change directions quickly for best results. To increase difficulty, you can either pick up a heavier weight or hold the weight further out in front of you.

To Properly hit the sides, you can do side bends and windshield wipers. Personally, I prefer the latter as side bends can be kind of finicky when it comes to isolation. Windshield wipers are like a leg raise except of going up and down, you sweep your legs from side to side like the name says.

If you really want to be hardcore you could try doing dragon flags. Made popular by the "little dragon" Bruce Lee, this is one of the most difficult abdominal exercises a person can do! Simply lie on a bench and hang on with your hands at ear height. Pull up your legs until they point vertically and rest your weight at your shoulder blades. While keeping your lower body perfectly straight, slowly bring it down to as close to horizontal as you can and pull it back up! If you can do a single perfect dragon flag, you are doing amazingly well!

These should allow you to focus on developing your abs and your abs alone! Take time to work on other things and avoid muscle imbalances, of course.

Happy training!

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