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Turbo Fire Reviews - Straight From The Horse’s Mouth
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If you're looking for one of the most credible and complete Turbo Fire reviews, then you've stumbled upon the right place.

Who created Turbo Fire

This workout program was created by none other than Chalene Johnson, who is a world-renowned fitness guru responsible for a few other famous programs such as Chalene Extreme and Turbo Jam. The newest program she offers is known as "Turbo Fire" and it is receiving incredible reviews since it debuted in the summer of 2010. What's more awesome is that it has now surpassed P90X and Insanity as the infomercial sales leader! The demand for Turbo Fire is going through the roof. So I bet you're wondering why sales are blowing up like a box of ACME dynamite? Put simply, because it's a one of the best workout programs ever created and people are seeing fantastic results when they follow the plan with intense focus and consistency.

Just gimme the facts

As with all workout programs, you deserve to get the facts as they are. It's not all glitz and glamor! Below are listed some some of the pros and cons that you might want to be made aware of. Since I know the workouts, have done them all and know what they entail, I can give a genuinely unbiased turbo fire review of exactly what it is good and bad (or not as good) with the Turbo fire program.

Let's begin with the Pros of this workout first:

1. These workouts are crazy fun, and even though some of them are as long as 55 minutes the time flies by very quickly. Which is great, because you're getting a long, anaerobic workout. However it doesn't feel drawn-out at all because Chalene goes to great lengths to ensure it's not boring!

2. The music soundtracks are totally awesome! This is so important when your working out because it keeps you pumped up and motivated to go push as hard as you possibly can all the way to the end of the workout.

3. You'll be dripping sweat within minutes. No doubt about it! If you're someone looking for a super intense workout than this is the one for you! You'll be working hard and sweating up a storm within 15 minutes. This program lives up to the name Turbo Fire.

4. You don't have to be a fitness expert or super advanced in order to keep up with this workout. You can do the advanced workout if you choose, but you have the option to follow along with Chalene's workout partner who does a lower impact version of every exercise but equally as effective workout by her side.

5. It's easy to follow the nutrition guide that is provided. And best of all most of the items are not expensive, are readily available anywhere and the meals are simple to prepare and are completely delicious.

6. You do have the option to use hand weights if you choose, but this is completely optional and not necessary to get the best effects from these workouts. Probably one of the simplest things to do is to use weighted gloves. They'll give your arms a tremendous workout and help you ditch your wings once and for all!

7. Another bit of awesomeness that I can add to this Turbo Fire review is that there are 15 minute workouts included in the program for those people who are on the go. This means you can still get in your workout even when you a day that you are rushing from one thing to the next all day long. No excuses with these short HIIT(high intensity interval training) workouts.

Now let's dig into the cons (such as they are)

1. It can be kind of hard to follow if you're a beginner. But don't worry, stay with it because the learning curve is short. Once you learn the moves and practice a few times you'll be following the workout like an old pro. You'll be moving, shaking and rocking it out like you've been working out your whole life.

2. There are some expensive items in the nutrition guide that can cost a pretty penny when purchasing them at the store. They aren't mandatory or necessary, so in my mind this is not a big deal at all. Just trying to give you an honest turbo fire review with all the info!

My conclusion

There are quite a few other Turbo fire reviews out there and for the most part they all feel the same way that I do. If you're looking for an intense, challenging and most of all--fun workout, this is the right one for you!

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