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What Foods To Eat To Lose Belly Fat
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What Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat

Do you know what foods to eat to lose belly fat and which foods to avoid? I guess the best answer would be to eat what you want but not too much of anything. However, there are foods to resist and foods you should eat.

Do You Like the Color Green?

Leafy vegetables are great for losing weight and body fat including belly fat. Kale is said to be good for hormone control. Hormones of various types may cause you to crave food and cause you to head directly to the refrigerator. So the dark leafy vegetables are best.

Iceberg lettuce and celery have little food value but they taste good and are harmless. My wife’s care-giver says that there are not enough calories in a stock of celery to supply you the energy it takes to eat it, so it is a perfect diet food. (I like mine with peanut butter. Whoops!)

How Much Starch in That?

Potatoes and other starchy vegetables should be eaten in moderation. White potatoes convert to blood sugar faster than yams or sweet potatoes. Legumes can be good choices. I think that means, beans, peas and peanuts.

It's in the Grain

Whole grains are best. Avoid white rice to some extend (despite that some of the whole grain rices seem to never soften in boiling water). They are too crunchy for me.

I buy multi-grain bread but I’m not crazy about it. I prefer wholewheat bread that is not truly whole grain but I stick with the multi-grain breads.

Nuts to You

Nuts are good in moderation. Pistachios and almonds are in high praise. They make a nice stack. Pistachios are said to lower blood sugar. I eat them all the time.

Are You Diabetic?

I say to lower blood sugar, get rid of saturated fat (dairy) from your diet which blocks the insulin-producing C-cells in your pancreas. (That is how I got rid of Type II Diabetes.) I guess I just eliminated cheese. Good thing to do. You can sprinkle a little parmesan or mozzarella on your whole wheat spaghetti. I got rid of my Type II Diabetes in six weeks by dumping dairy and other saturated fats. I put unadulterated almond milk on my Wheaties.

What's In That Box?

I stay away from box foods, processed foods, the kind that contain some “home made” concoction full of sugar and chemicals to say nothing about salt. Read the label. Maybe you will make your own chicken pot pie.

Make That a Teaspoon of Honey to Make the Medicine Go Down

Stay away from sugars. Eat a touch of honey if you must. Some fruites and their juices have a lot of sugar. Watermelon has lots of nutrients but also lots of sugar. Easy on the fruit but have some every day. I like to pick mine off my fruit trees in season if I can beat the birds to the fruit.

Limit meat to chicken or fish. I suggest that you use red meat as a garnish or in small amounts. My heart dietitian use to say a piece the size of a deck of cards is fine. When the nice server at the restaurant asks if you want to upgrade your meat size, tell her (or him), no.

Note: The bison sketch I made which you see here gives us the hint that wild game is much better for you than beef that has too much fat.

Tell Them What You Want

Also, even in a Mexican restaurant you can ask for ranch beans instead of re-fried beans to reduce fat. One owner told me to also ask for white rice rather than the Spanish Rice to avoid fat.

Merrily We Walk Around

I have a high school track by my house. In the winter I can use my treadmill or my cardio-glider. Often I get my exercise buy walking right by them. But you do need 15 minutes minimum of exercise each week.

What, me too?

Now my very wholesome diet does not help me to lose weight. But I don’t have diabetes symptoms and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are great. Actually, I don’t have that much of a inner tube around my belly. I am 80 years old.

So, when you are eating all of these safe foods to get rid of belly fat, then think in terms of moderation.

Grab that stick of that “energy-burning” celery to help control that belly fat.

I wish you good health and less belly fat!


Street Talk

I think portion control is the most important as followed by exercise. John, when you stated exercise 15 minutes a week, didn't you mean per day?

  about 1 decade ago

Right you are. Thanks for the comment, David. John

  about 1 decade ago

Wonderful information! Thanks. Get rid of belly fat or at least control that belly fat seems simple the way you explain. Celery... is something I eat with almond butter. So that wouldn't do it for me either:-)

  about 1 decade ago

My wife's caregiver said she would like to try almond butter. So would I. John

  about 1 decade ago

It's delicious! I suspect you'll both enjoy.

  about 1 decade ago
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