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What Is A Urinary Tract Infection
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Urinary tract infection is an infection disease caused by a bacteria though all the part's canal of the urinary tract.The principal agent that acts as catalyst for causing the infection is Eschericha coli (E.coli).

The bacteria is not usually present in the urine with its multitude content of liquids,chemical elements and waste products issued from the biochemical reactions through the physiology body.

The bacteria is present into the bladder,urethra and kidney. When the bacteria gets contact with the urine, it multiply in it and accross its rejection with urine out of body, it contaminates the urinary tract and causes what it is named the urinary tract infectio(UTI) and symptomised by an urge to urinate and a sensation of burning through the urination and subsequently with intermittent passing small burned amounts of urine.

The symptoms of UTI vary in respect to the age, the sex and the urinary's ummunity system. There are some types of UTI from the moderate to the more serious infections.

Bladder infection caused by bacteria found in gastrointestinal tract, is the most common occuring within the affected community and consisting of an extreme urge to urinate accompagnied with an atroce sensation of burning through the urination,disturbing its periodical urination sequences.

Bladder urethra occurs when the E.coli present in the gastrointestinal tract spread from the anus to the urethra and causes the apparition of the bacterial contamination and this is mostly in women's affection by UTI.

Another infection of UTI is the affection of the upper tract which may lead to serious complications and symptomised by a feeling of a flanck back pain and fever.

However, there are other signs and symptoms of UTI like the odor and the color of urine which are respectively foul and nearly black.

Women are more neuralgic to UTI than men, in view the anal female morphology is diffrent than men's. In females, the fact that urethra is closer to the anus ,may cause women lack protective bacteria properties through prostate's secretion while it is a contracry in the fringe of men giving the spreading of E.coli in the urethra. Also in the group of young women who are accoutumited to have a high sex frequency, incure the risk to be infected by the bacteria and it is indexed that the sex is the cause of UTI at about 75-80% of blader infection.

In the group of elderly people, the UTI's rate is nearly equal both in men and women. Elderly men as they grow old, their glands near the urethra become enlarged and obstruct it , causing the increasing freqency of urinary retention.

The treatment of urinary tract infection is based on using antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. For simple urinary infections,Amoxillin, ampicillin are enough to regulate the unrination in body and notless few days. For urinary tract infection resulting from sexual activity, it is recommmend a relevant prescribed dosage of antibiotic after any sexsual course. For severe UTI, the hospitalisation is imminent based on intravenous antibiotic injections if the case require it.

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