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What Is A Yeast Infection? Why Does It Occur?
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Are you seeking a remedy for yeast infection?

Perhaps you’re beginning to suffer from this unexpected disease. Or maybe you’re looking to understand why it occurs? Often, people who are affected by a yeast infection, and those who ask their doctor for a remedy for yeast infections, are oblivious to why they occur. The medical term for a yeast infection is candidiasis, and the disease is caused by a group of microscopic fungi, also known as yeast. If you are searching for a remedy for yeast infection, you have been infected by these fungi, which actually can live on all surfaces of the human body. There are more than twenty species of these fungi (Candida). Yeast infections can range from insignificant to deadly – depending on the fungi that infects the body.

Yeast infections most often occur in warm and moist areas of the human body. Examples would include underarms and nail beds. Usually, the epidermis (skin) effectively protects from these fungi, but cuts on the skin and the aforementioned places may often be penetrated. When this happens, the fungi often spread and force the affected to look for a remedy for yeast infection. Normally, the growth of Candida fungi are limited and controlled by the human immune system and other microorganisms. This system of checks and balances ensures that the yeasts do not grow out of control, and other bacteria that occupy the same areas in the human body control them, as well.

In women, yeast infections are commonly found in the vaginal area, and sometimes are the sources of discomfort there. The fungi are commonly found in the vaginal area of most women, and can sometimes grow out of control if the environment of the area there changes or is modified. Usually, steroids and antibiotics are two common reasons that females seek a remedy for yeast infection. Other common causes for yeast infections in women can include menstruation, pregnancy, and birth control pills. Candidasis occurs commonly after menopause.

For men, the causes of yeast infection can vary widely. On a percentage basis, far fewer men than women will experience candidasis at some point in their lives. At the same time, those men who do receive it are often unaware for a period of time about it, until it starts to cause issues with their health.

Often, men are informed by sexual partners that, since she is suffering from a yeast infection, he might do so as well. Usually, during sex the penis is exposed to the infected vagina, and the yeast can travel upwards through the urethra to settle in the prostate gland. If you have been having sex with a female partner suffering from candidasis, you would be wise to look for a remedy for yeast infection as well.

Of course, male yeast infections can also occur in other ways, such as ingesting products that have these fungi in them. Alcohol, beer, wheat and corn products can all contribute certain molds and fungi to the body. A weakened immune system, as well, can raise a red flag. Seek a remedy for yeast infection if necessary.

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