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What Is Really In Bottled Water
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What is Really In Bottled Water

Even though people love drinking bottled and think that it is healthier than tap water, bottled water may not be good as we may think because contaminants such as bisphenol found in bottled water and causing health problems. The more that we reuse plastic water bottles, the more bisphenol bleeds into our water, which means that we have more risk of getting those health problems.

There are many contaminants in bottled water that are not good for our bodies. Fluoride is found in a lot of water.

Four chemicals found in bottled water tests are in a group of disinfection by products called trihalomethanes, chloroform, bromoform, bromodichloromethane, and chlorodibromomethane.

There were tests done by researchers and they found out that “one in five” tested water had, more bacteria that what is concidered safe. There were some tests done where there were findings of arsenic at a high-level of health concerns.

The most important reason bottled water is not as good for us as we may think is because contaminants such as bisphenol and other contaminants found in bottled water. Bottled water is not any safer than tap water. The manufactures tells us that it is safer, so we will continue buying the water, but this water is no better than the regular tap water itself. There are test that I have viewed on You tube where researcher's did tests on bottled water, and they came out looking like mud puddle water!

There were tests done on 10 of the most bought bottled waters, resulting in finding many contaminants. A couple of the contaminants were found in the Sam’s Choice and Acadia.

In conclusion, although people love drinking bottled water rather than tap water, bottled water is not as good for us as we may think for two main reasons. First, because of the health issues due to drinking bottled water, but most importantly contaminants such as bisphenol found in bottled water. I probably would have never guessed what is actually in bottled water, but thanks to researching I found out the truth. They do have a safer product called “Arrow”. Their products are environmentally safe. All of their products are made of food safe materials and colorants as well. This is what I would recommend drinking, rather than all the so called “Popular bottled water.”

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