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What Is True Beauty?
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What Is True Beauty?

Am I beautiful? Should I change something in myself? So many people ask themselves this question everyday. Woman and man are so unsure in their look and appearance. Why is it so? How come that we don’t find ourselves beautiful? We are always trying to find something that is wrong with us.

There so many magazines and newspaper articles and those tell us what to do to become more beautiful. There are articles on how to loose weight, to have a prefect make up, skin, way of walking, etc. All of those articles are choosing for us what is beautiful and how we are suppose to look.

Advertisements, artists in movies and on stage, they all are the same type. Those girls are very thin, have similar hair and make up. Those guy are very muscular, have similar moves and gestures. People see them everyday on TV, in magazines, etc. looking at them and reading the slogans we unconsciously think that those are the perfect role models for all of us and that they are truly beautiful. What’s wrong with us? Can’t we think for ourselves and not follow everyone else? We never know what is behind those pictures and that Photoshop. They might be very unhappy and they look this way because they have to in order to be where they are now.

But who are those people who spread that propaganda? Why everyone thinks that they know better who is beautiful and how we should look and behave? There are a lot of different types of people and all of them are extremely beautiful in their own way. People should look at themselves and find beauty in them. Look at yourself in the mirror and think of everything that you don’t like in your appearance. Now look at them really closely and find beauty in them. Abstract yourself from all the stereotypes like, skinny is beautiful and blue eyes are the best. If we all look at ourselves everyday without any judgment we will forget about what fashion tells us.

Seeing yourself, accepting and loving yourself as you are is the key to the true beauty. It is the way to have a beautiful soul. And the beauty of the soul is the most important aspect. When a person loves himself you can see it in his eyes. There are sparkles in them, you are free from all the stereotypes and can appreciate yourself to the fullest. And look around you at all the people. It is easy to see people who love themselves by the way they walk, look at each other and talk.

The most important is that why do you expect someone to love you if there is no love in your heart and to yourself? In order for somebody to fall in love with you, you have to fall in love with yourself first. People feel it when they are getting to know you, they will know that you are confident and happy with whom you are person. It will be easier for other to fall for you if you give them a basis of love, something to start with and share.

Loving yourself still doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes in yourself. But they have to be coming only from your ideas and not from what the others tell you. If you feel that loosing some weight will make you feel more comfortable or different hair color will make you appear more attractive than do it. But remember that this choice has to be yours and just yours.

Appreciate yourself, get rid of the stereotypes and be free from prejudice. This way your life will become more joyful and you will never be ashamed of the way you look. Beauty is inside you, beauty is in your eyes and beauty is in every feature of your body and face. Confidence, confidence and confidence…. And you can be sure that you will have less worries and more kindness on your way in life…

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