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What To Do If You Feel Your Memory Is Getting Worse - Ireland
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Minor memory loss is no big deal for most people, and sometimes a normal part of the aging process or occur due stress. However, it is never a good idea to ignore the symptoms of memory loss that continue for an extended period of time. You should determine the reason why you are experiencing the problem, and make sure that the condition is not due to a medical condition. If you feel you are having trouble with your memory it is best to go to a doctors and let him examine you just to be on the safe side. Your medical provider can do an ultra sound scan or perhaps an MRI scan to determine the root cause. After your doctor has examined you hopefully they will rule out any serious medical reason for your memory loss, and in this case you can then take some preventative steps every day if your memory is getting worse to help keep your mind sharp.

If you are experiencing memory loss, implement an exercise regimen. When you exercise, you increase oxygen and blood flow in the brain, and this helps relieve stress. Thus, a great strategy if stress is the root cause of the memory loss. Challenge your brains daily. Studies conducted have shown that people who play games or do crossword puzzles regularly notice minimal memory loss. Call a friend regularly so you can eliminate some of the stress. Socializing regularly tend to improve thinking skills while eliminating stress. Notate where you put items and write your appointment dates down. Develop a routine for your daily task to minimize some of your memory lapse.

Review your diet and make sure you are eating a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables. Eat foods loaded with antioxidants to help your blood cells function properly such as peppers, spinach, strawberry along with others. Consider taking B-12 supplements because vitamin B-12 deficiency is known to contribute to cognitive deficiency.

If memory loss is a problem of aging, ask your doctor to check if your condition is due to Alzheimer or dementia. Your doctor can perform various tests such as an MRI scan or an ultrasound scan to diagnose the condition, and ask your doctor for ways improve this condition.

Memory loss can be difficult, but you can exercise, eat nutritious meals and challenge your brains by doing crossword puzzles and games. Implementing these strategies will help your memory over time.

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