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What Would You Like Your Fortune To Say?
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Many people enjoy eating at Chinese restaurants. They like the atmosphere and the variety of food that is available. Many people also look forward to the fortune coookies that the server brings at the end of the meal. People crack open their cookie, pull out the fortune, and read it. One never knows what fortune he will get the next time he eats at a Chinese restaurant.

A person might find a fortune that reads, "Inspiration awaits you." A fortune like this would be very comforting to a writer or an artist, since his work is partly how he pays his bills. He would breathe a sigh of relief and then likely begin wondering what he would experience that would inspire his next work. Many things can be sources of inspiration, of course, such as a conversation with a friend or family member, a song on the readio, or a smell, for example. These items bring back memories that can help a writer or artist produce a quality piece. This is not the only fortune to be found in a fortune cookie, of course.

He might also find a fortune that reads, "A dream will come true." Finding a fortune like this would likely make a person's day, since most people have dreams. He would then likely begin wondering which of his dreams is about to be fulfilled. Is he going to earn a large amount of money from his blog? Will he meet his favorite actor? Thinking about a dream being fulfilled will get him excited about his future.

Finally, a person might find a fortune that reads, "You will be successful." A fortune like this would be a relief to many people. Students, for example, want to be sucessful so that they can get good grades and be allowed to stay in school. By being allowed to continue their education, they can get the knowledge that they need in order to be successful in the career that they will pursue after graduation. Employees would also feel good after finding this fortune, because they want to succeed in their jobs. By succeeding, they can earn a good living, support themselves and their families, and feel good about themselves.

Fortunes, of course, are not based on scientific fact. They are to be read only for fun. However, a fortune such as "You will be successful" is one that most people would love to receive. After getting this fortune, a person can then take it home, post it in a prominent place where he will be sure to see it, such as on his computer monitor, on his bathroom mirror, or on his refrigerator. With his fortune on his mine, he might then begin to adopt habits that will help him to be successful, such as going to bed and getting up at the same times every day, eating a healthy diet, and being active. By adopting these habits, he will feel good, and he will have the health and energy to do more work. He can then have a great career and a good life.

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