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While Walking Trying To Lose A Few Pounds, I May Have Met The Devil
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Seemingly, all the pleasant tasting foods are bad for me, and if I continue to eat them, I will not be long on this earth. Each additional pound I gain, my doctor has a new level of concern. I have been fighting with my doctor and myself for many years. He instructs me to lose two pounds. When I return to his office, I have gained four. He has a checklist and a chart as long as a football field and he expect me to abide by his rules. As much as I try to acquiesce with his commands, I fall short. He often asks me if I take my weight problem seriously.

I just wish it were as simple to lose weight, as it is to gain it. I guess everyone who is weight challenged wish that. Gaining weight always appears to be an after thought. While savoring all of those fating foods, at that precise moment, the thought of gaining a few pounds is nowhere in my psyche. If I attempt to put on that expensive suit I purchased last week, I pretend to be surprised that it does not fit. Whom am I kidding? I committed the crime of overeating and now I must pay the consequences for my action. It is at this point I decided I had better attempt to do something about my weight.

Knowing full well of what is required, I pretend to go to the Internet to find solutions. Drama, drama, the doctor has already told me to push myself from the table and establish an exercise regime. Instead of just going about the business of losing weight, I announce to all my friends and family that I are going to lose x-number of pounds. Fact of the matter is, if I were serious and committed, I would just do it.

In all honesty, I truly believe that I made the announcement in hopes of someone talking me out of it. As I view the girth of some of my family and friends, it can be concluded they would become a little envious of a weight loss by me. Just as I figured, I was given many reasons why I should not attempt to lose weight. For example, I was told you only live once and you may as well enjoy yourself, etc. etc.

I finally gathered enough strength to go to the walking track. When I arrived, the entire track was totally empty. What a blessing I thought. I could take my time and walk at my own pace without a sense of being observed. I walked one lap around the track, still no one insight. All of a sudden and from out of nowhere, someone was walking next to me. I did not want to appear to be shaken, but believe me, I was. Ego, ego, do not leave me now. I pretended to know the person was walking with me all the time. As we walked, the person asked me why I was putting myself through all this pain. The person said, you can walk all day and night, you are still going to die.

He further stated, the only difference between you and I is, if you keep this up you will die healthy and I will die having a good time. I looked around again, and I was totally alone.

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Hmm, one thing I noticed by your article is you are not in denial. I like the line you would just do it. So true. Good article Ed.

  about 1 decade ago
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