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Why Some Folks Will Never Enjoy The Many Wonderments Of Nature
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It is my understanding that in this country, everyone has a right to pursue their own dreams. However, I am guilty of wondering why so many among us fail to stop and enjoy the wonderful things nature has bestowed upon us. Now if I analyze that statement objectively, a finger would be pointing back at me, asking why am I so in enthralled with the wonderments of nature. Great point. Having said and understanding that, the question should not be about why others may dislike something, but rather why I like something.

Now that I am retired, I realize how wonderful life really is. I longer have to worry or stress myself out trying to get the next promotion. I no longer have to put up with silly jokes from the bosses, which were not very funny. I have come to realize that life works in cycles. Although I now talk about the wonders of nature, the same things I am now marveling about were always here. I just didn’t have the time to enjoy and appreciate them. I was too busy raising a family and trying to keep my head above water.

Being retired affords me an opportunity to take my time in all of my endeavors. I attempt to force myself to enjoy every breath I take. For example, the other day while in a food store, I purchased one item. While in line behind a very nice lady with a fully loaded food cart, she noticed I had only one item and offered to allow me to get in front of her. I respectfully declined and told her I was retired and attempting to learn patience.

After purchasing my one item, I got into my car and headed to the mountains. Man, you talk about peace; I cannot find words to describe the tranquility that engulfed my being. If I had only known how a trip of this nature could be so refreshing, I would have made more time to spend doing things of this nature. Sure, while younger, we took family vacations, but now that I recall those times, I cannot really classify it as being an actual vacation. I always made sure the kids enjoyed themselves. From the very start of the vacation, I could not really free my mind to get into a full vacation mode. The fact that I had to go back to work was forever present in my mind. The closer the return time neared, the more stress I encountered.

When I returned to work, I had to put on that work face and wind down from the so-called vacation. To be honest, it seemed that more stress was involved in making the transition from vacation to work, than had I just stayed on the job.

I write this to inform anyone that maybe interested in a lesson in life. No matter what your position in life maybe or no matter how much money you make, put aside a little time while you are young to enjoy life. Many of those superficial things that you desire will have no meaning when you retire. No matter your status in life, if you continue to breathe, you will get older. At that time, you will have more time to appreciate what life is all about. Your focus will shift from things to just plain old survival. Make a point to keep yourself healthy while you are young. If you abuse your body while young, you will a very difficult older age.

No, you will not possess the same strength and agility as before, you will however; have your mind and the ability to really enjoy the wonderments of nature.

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