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Why Would I Want Cankle Liposuction?
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It is proven that women have a different amount of fat in their legs and ankles versus men. That pesky fat in your ankles tends to resist your exercise attempts, and can be difficlut to get rid of. Some say that you can reduce just the area of your ankles through exercise, but I have never experienced spot reduction as something successful. You have to get in a regular routine of exercise, but it can be as simple as walking a little every day. If the weather doesn't permit, then you can walk in place in front of your tv or use a step.

Society has kind of ruined our self esteem to a certain point. Its not your fault! Well, if your not eating and exercising right it might be a little. Still, all the commercials and programs we see show very skinny women that are slender, and they don't have any cankle issues. So, we feel bad and want to emulate them, but we try and do a quick fix by looking for pills that are dangerous or cankle surgery in the most extreme cases.

Cankle liposuction procedure can be a tricky and very dangerous in my opinion. It is not just fat in that part of the body but muscle and bone that is not very deep. You risk damaging your veins if they have to go in there and scoop out fat with some muscle. It makes me shiver to even write about it. I would rather have a fat ankle than have them open me up and risk infection, or not able to walk properly. Don't get me wrong, the doctors know what they are doing, but why take the risk if there are more natural ways to try first. Please only do it as a last resort if your self esteem is in question.

Scarring is a possible side effect along with some dis figuration There is always a risk when having any type of surgery, and cankle liposuction surgery is no different. You must be aware of all that can happen, and the end result may be worse than what you are already dealing with. Does that sound like a fair trade off? Didn't think so!

The reducing of your cankles can help raise your sexuality especially when you're wearing clothes that show off your legs ( skirts, shorts, dresses, bikini ), but beware of the scarring. Even if you had the perfect surgery the scarring will at least be small, but you will have less fat in your ankles of course.

Consult your doctor today about cankle liposuction, and do your research on finding a highly reccomended surgeon. You don't want some hack that is just trying to steal your hard earned cash for cankle surgery.

I know its a quick fix for most people, well you have to heal from it so it might not be that quick of a fix, but I prefer women to heal their body naturally and safely. Your are a beautiful person just as you are!

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