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Why You Should Be More Active
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Have you stepped on the scales recently? If you did, perhaps you did not like what you saw. You may have been shocked to learn that you were ten pounds heavier than you thought you were. Rather than acknowledging that you still needed to lose some weight, however, you may have told yourself, "That's not that bad." Why did you lie to yourself?

One reason may be because losing weight can be difficult, particularly if you live a sedentary life. You may also have lied to yourself because it is difficult to eat less of the high-calorie foods that you love, such as sweets. You want to be able to eat these foods whenever you want to. You do not have to give these foods up. Simply eat less of them, consider substituting a glass of water for the sweets that you crave, and work on being more active, and you may notice several positive results.

First, you will lose the weight that you have been trying to lose. By losing weight, you will feel better, your clothing will fit better, and you will not have to worry about being barred from jobs because of your weight. Losing weight is not the only positive result of being more active, however.

Another benefit of being more active is that physical activity may boost your creativity. You might sit at a computer and spend the day online, hoping to see topics that will spark some ideas. Many times, however, you might notice that the headlines and trends do not change very much. If the headlines are still pretty much the same as they were the last time you checked, you may have a tough time coming up with new ideas. If you step away long enough to walk around the block, however, you may notice some new topics trending when you return to your computer, which may give you some great ideas for articles. Writing articles inspired by these ideas will help you to earn money. There is also another benefit of being more active and by taking your activity outside: you will feel better. Fresh air will make you feel good and can help to keep you healthy.

Take some time today to get active. Choose an activity that you enjoy, such as walking or running. Eventually, you will lose some weight, and then you will not have to lie to yourself about how you really look. You might even be able to go shopping for clothing in a smaller size, which should help you to feel even better about yourself.

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Great Title - Thought this was an article about being more active on something else... tricked into feeling guilty about not exercising enough... LOL - Good advice - Think I will go out and chase the dog now!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks for reading! :)

  about 9 years ago
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