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Bad Cholesterol Foods To Avoid For A Low Cholesterol Diet Menu Plan
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Cholesterol is present in saturated animal fats such as adrenal glands, brain tissue, liver, kidneys, bile, blood and nerve fibers. It can also be found in oils of egg yolks. When consumed too much fat, the cholesterol can reach the arteries. It becomes thick and hardens the arteries causing heart problems. In fact, heart problems or heart attacks are the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States. To prevent experiencing and undergoing any treatment, it is essential to avoid too much intake of bad cholesterol foods.

Moreover, eating foods that have high levels of polysaturated fats contributes to the increase of bad cholesterol. Eating polyunsaturated fats, on the other hand, lowers the level of bad cholesterol. Below are the bad cholesterol foods that must be avoided.

Egg yolk and liver – These two contain the highest bad cholesterol level. Too much of it is not good for the body. Moreover, egg yolk contains around 213 mg of cholesterol while liver depends on the type. A 68 g braised beef liver has 269 mg while an 81 mg pan-fried beef liver has 309 mg. Indeed, egg yolks and liver have a great amount of cholesterol in them.

Butter and Cream – A teaspoon of butter has only 30 mg of cholesterol. This means that a stick of butter has 243 mg. Though it only constitutes a small amount of cholesterol per teaspoon, the total amount adds up when it is combined with other bad cholesterol foods. A cup of cream, on the other hand, contains 326 mg of cholesterol. This clearly shows that food containing cream such as ice cream and whipped cream contains high levels of cholesterol.

Seafood – Lobster, shrimp and squid are delicious types of seafood. However, too much intake can increase cholesterol. Lobster that weighs 150 g contains 147 mg while a 100 g shrimp contains around 195 mg. Moreover, squid contains 233 mg of cholesterol in every 100 g.

Furthermore, these foods though dubbed as bad cholesterol foods can still be eaten. They contain some nutrients that are also good for the body; however, there should be control or limitations. The American Heart Association only recommends eating bad cholesterol foods for a maximum of 300 mg per day for normal levels. For people with high cholesterol, they should only eat 200 mg per day. Meaning, one egg or one serving of any of the listed foods above can be eaten once a day.

With some specific knowledge of nutrition and the right foods to include and avoid, planning a low cholesterol diet menu need not be complicated. Many people have successfully used diet and exercise to reduce high cholesterol levels.

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