Curing Spider Veins With Essential Oils
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Spider veins could be removed, but just needs your time and patience! These are fine blood vessels that appear as cobweb in your legs and feet.

These are generally harmless, but can cause pain or burning sensation, specifically when you are subjected to stand for a longer period of time.

Invasive treatment options for spider veins include:

• Sclerotherapy. In Sclerotherapy, doctor inoculates affected veins with medications that mark and help fade these veins.

• Laser Therapy. This surgical procedure involves sending strong laser rays across your skin. No incisions or cuts are done in this process.

Why Do Spider Veins Occur?

• Less physical activity

• Long standing hours

• Weight gain

• Post pregnancy issues

• Irregularity in diet

• Often due to hormonal abnormality

Which Essential Oils Remove Spider Veins?

Massaging is a time-proven method that relaxes your muscle, vein and even joints. Massaging with essential oils offer relaxation to the problematic area and regulates blood circulation.

Here are some essentials oils that render ease and boost proper blood circulation, improve well-being of vein and diminish spider veins.

1. Chamomile

a. This antispasmodic oil encourages healthy inflammatory reaction

b. Prohibits narrowing of blood vessels

2. Cypress

a. Excellent masculine fragrance boosts happiness and energy

b. Develops pressure in the inner surface of the veins

c. Restores blood flow causing the veins to stretch

3. Lemon

a. Supports circulation thereby nourishing skin

b. Reduces swelling and extends relief in pain

4. Lemongrass

a. Ensures healthy circulation

b. Relaxes stinging muscles and tendons

c. Test it before using, as it is quite skin sensitive

5. Rosemary

a. Eases stress hormones

b. Antimicrobial qualities

6. Geranium

a. Revitalizes body tissues

b. Regulates circulatory systems

7. Ginger

a. Strengthening walls of your veins

b. Pacifies muscle discomfort after rigorous exercise or constant standing

8. Helichrysum

a. Softens viscous blood in the surrounding area of the affected veins

b. Anticoagulant and anesthetic qualities rejuvenate nerves and relaxes aches

c. Therapeutic effect

9. Frankincense

a. Cushions weak blood vessels

b. Anti-inflammatory properties help in sprains

c. Natural painkiller

d. Cicatrizing and vulnerary effects

Quick Essential Oil Recipes for Spider Vein Treatment

1. Hot and cold Feet Bath Mix

What You Need:

2 Large Bowls to dip your feet

4 drops of Lavender

4 Drops of Geranium

What to Do:

  • Get the 1st bowl filled with cold water (ice cubes preferably)
  • Put hot water in the 2nd Bowl
  • Mix lavender drops to the cold water bowl
  • Mix geranium drops to the hot water bowl
  • Dip your feet in the cold water first. Hold it for few minutes
  • Do the same process with the hot water and hold for a couple of minutes

In this hot and cold therapy, the cold water compresses your blood vessels and the hot water enlarges them. The process aids in healthy blood circulation and cures swollen legs.

2. Home Ready Preventive Oil

What You Need:

8-10 drops of geranium

6-8 drops cypress

4 drops peppermint

4 drops of lemon

2 tsp carrier oil

What to Do:

  • Add all the essential oils in a bowl.
  • Soft massage the oil upwards from foot towards your heart.
  • Use it with precaution. Apply the oil on the either side of the visible veins.
  • Using twice a day can show better results

This massaging oil helps spider veins to diminish slowly and steadily only when used regularly.

Author Bio:

Nicholas Hedge is associated with cardiology treatments for years now. In this article, he has discussed about “Curing Spider Veins with Essential Oils”, after reading some articles written by experienced heart specialists offering spider vein treatment in Huntington Beach.

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