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Heart Heatlhy Diet - What Is That?
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Decades ago the average person was not aware of the dangers that lurk in foods filled with sugar, saturated fats and salt.  Today’s modern society is enlightened and fully aware of foods that are bad for the body.  This is why following heart healthy menus are a big part of today’s healthy lifestyle.  The heart healthy eating plan is about choosing foods that are good for the health of your heart, obviously and more importantly foods that will either prevent or slow down the onset of heart disease. 

Heart Healthy Menus

Following expertly designed heart healthy menus is a sure fire way of helping to prevent heart disease.  Why?  Eating foods that are good for your heart can reduce the chances of developing heart disease that is caused by arteries that become blocked and atherosclerosis which is plaque deposits caused by cholesterol.  And if you already have heart disease, it's a requirement to follow a low sodium, low saturated fat diet. 

Menus that are good for the heart are about eating the proper foods and about eating foods prepared in a way that is good for your body.  A well balanced diet with low cholesterol, low sodium and sufficient protein while eating the right portions is a heart healthy diet. 

Everyone knows this but when it comes to choosing the right foods and eating the right amounts, making the right choices can become rather tricky.  How do you know you are eating enough carbohydrates, enough protein or enough of the right kinds of fat to maintain a healthy heart and body?  Did you know all carbohydrates are not the same?  There are slow ones and fast ones or simple and complex carbohydrates.  Did you know all fats are not the same or do you know you should not eliminate all fats?  Did you know all proteins are not the same?  Salt brings out the flavors in foods but how much is too much? 

What foods are considered especially good for your heart?

Here is a short list of natural foods that are considered heart-smart foods:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Barley
  • Beans and Lentils
  • Brown Rice
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Garlic
  • Germ
  • Healing Teas
  • Kale
  • Red grape juice
  • Red wine
  • Seeds, Nuts, Oils and Fish
  • Sunflower Seeds

These are obviously good foods to try and include in your daily menu plan.  All forms of garlic, except for garlic salt, will do a lot for your diet and bring great flavor as well.  Of course fresh fruits and vegetables are great foods for maintaining a healthy heart and a healthy body, especially the leafy green vegetables.  The darker the color of the vegetable the more nutritional value it carries.  These foods take a long time to break down in your system making it a lot less work for your heart. 

What foods are really bad for your heart?

Most fast foods and commercially prepared foods, even those in a lot of restaurants are loaded with salt and additives, sugar and saturated fat.  Prepackaged foods will list low in cholesterol with no trans fats and limited sugar but don’t forget to check the sodium levels.  When sugar is reduced and fats are reduced the manufacturer will increase the salt level to heighten the flavor. Oriental restaurants refrain from adding MSG these days but they still add a lot of salt.  Many restaurants like to add a lot of butter and cream to their recipes just because it tastes amazing.  Grab a burger and fries at the fast food window and you might as well apply it directly to your arteries.  You will not find any of these items on heart healthy menus

Planning a heart healthy menu:

The best way to insure you are eating correctly and eating the right portions is to follow an expertly prepared heart healthy menu plan.  Preparing your own recipes at home is a good way to control the types of foods you eat.  When you make the meals yourself you know exactly what you are eating.  Following expertly designed heart-smart recipes for your meals puts you in control of your heart health.  

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